After the communication yesterday of the official Italian Team at the 2020 World Spearfishing Championships in Italy, Sadegna, Arbatax, and interview (only in Italian) to Team Technical Director Marco Bardi, now we can officialize teams and athletes at the closer in time and already presented by Valentina Prokic, President of Spearfishing Activities for CMAS, XXXII° Euro-African Spearfishing Championship, that will be held in Denmark, Svendborg, from the 5th to the 9th of September this year.

XXXII° Euro-African Spearfishing Championship
XXXII° Euro-African Spearfishing Championship

Not only men, but also women teams, making the event a great celebration, in a country that will have different conditions to the more “usual” ones, fishing in cooler water, starting from the shore, with no boats to support the athletes, making the competition even more physical than for the more traditional spearfishing championships with boat support.

19 men teams for total 81 athletes, and 7 women team (Ukrainian to be confirmed) for total 19 women spearos, showing a good increase of female athletes starting to participate to international spearfishing competitions…great!

Complete list of teams and athletes can be seen at: XXXII° Euro-African Spearfishing Championship Teams and Athletes.

Turkish team still needs to confirm names, while Ukrainian female team should have been included, but there are now some doubts. Hopefully these will be overcome and the team will be present at the competition. Ukrainian women team…we are waiting for you!!!