From the North of Europe, Denmark, to the very South of Africa, with Angelo Spada, Captain of South Africa.

ApneaPassion: Euro-African 2019: special situation with non-traditional fishing compared to warmer waters and also fishing starting from the shore…how did you choose the team and please present briefly each athlete?

Angelo Spada: Diving from shore is not a foreign concept to the South African team – most of us started this way and the collection of shellfish is only allowed swimming form the beach. We are also fairly comfortable with current, but the extremes in Denmark are a little challenging. We selected our team based in trials close to Cape Town in 12 degree water.

AP: Expectations for this competition?

AS: Hopefully for the team to do well. The format of the competition that does assist in that extreme preparation can be negated by the current.

AP: Key elements to be strong in this competition? (physical, tactical, experience in these waters..)

AS: Fitness is critical, plus the ability to determine the impact of the current on strategy.

AP: Strongest teams and athletes to look at?

AS: Spain, Denmark and Italy as outsiders