One of the strongest international teams, also world Champion for individuals standings with two times World Champion and actual World Champion (2018) Rui Torres, is Portugal. Great participation also by the women team with World Cup Champion 2018 (held in Portugal together with men World Championship) Teresa Duarte, Beatriz Lopes and Rita Teixira. We asked Captain Rui Torres news on the team and the expectations.

ApneaPassion: Euro-African 2019 sees a special situation with non-traditional fishing compared to warmer waters and also fishing starting from the shore…how did you choose the team and please present briefly each athlete?

Rui Torres: According to three years results I choose the strongest guys for this kind of competition. Told them six months ago to start train their legs. My athletes can quickly scan what they need to look on the bottom to find fish. They can adapt fast on everything, but the problem is that we are without any scouting, so we will start from zero and go as far as we can. Last year we were mentally strong as we competed at home with good preparation, now it is different as we don’t have the chance to fight for top places, but the athletes will do what they can.
We have three girls, Teresa is very strong and two others are new in competitions and young but ll of them are very motivated. For them is important that they participate, even without preparation but experience is important.

AP: Expectations for this competition?

RT: I am certain that they will give their best without preparation.

AP: Key elements to be strong in this competition? (physical, tactical, experience in these waters..)

RT: This is very different from other competitions as you need to choose tactic from beginning and keep that. Big problem is to understand current during competition, because you need to arrived on time. Here wind is very important to determine current. You can keep your strength if you will not struggle against the current. Here time and watch are elements that everybody need to be aware more than in other places.

AP: Strongest teams and athletes to look at?

RT: Like in France when I won on swimming, it will always be a battle among the first teams, Spain, Italy…This is a more balanced competition so it is hard to say who will do well. Rules are a little bit different than they are for Scandinavian competitions and that little change can make a big difference for spearos that know well conditions and the area. Sometimes it is more difficult to adapt to changes compared to situation at home.