World Première of a very interesting product by Cressi, the new pneumatic speargun Seatta Pro, the vuoto version of the Saetta.

At the famous shop based in Rome, Italy, specialized in spearfishing equipment and its personalization, the Emporio del Pescatore, where one can really find almost any equipment, AP has intercepted a “secret” presentation of the new 2018 Cressi products. 

Emporio Piras Aleandri Pierro
(Above: Nino Piras, Cressi, to the right, with holders of Emporio del Pescatore, Fabio Massimo Aleandri, center, and Massimiliano Pierro, to the left)

First of all, the pneumatic speargun Saetta Pro, which has the greatest novelty in the addition, compared to the normal Saetta, of the “vuoto” technology. In the next days we will aslo present all the other many Cressi 2018 products. 


Saetta Pro: “vuoto” system and offset barrel

The “vuoto” system today is considered by the most demanding spearos a must have solution on pneumatic spearguns. Certainly, eliminating the column of water in the barrel in front of the piston determines a considerable reduction of friction and inertial forces opposing to the movement of the piston itself, and so to the exit speed of the shaft from the speargun. This permits to use a vuoto speargun with lower air pressure in the tank, meaning more precision of the shot and easier loading.


The “vuoto” system designed for the Saetta Pro includes a number of patented solutions by Cressi and is mountable only on Saetta speargun.


The system sees a system which is internal to the muzzler and not on the shaft, as some other solutions on the market. Dismounting the muzzler by unscrewing the “cap” we find the ring shaped rubber gasket which seals the area around the shaft. An O-Ring of greater diameter (not visibile in the photos) seals the “cap” in the area where it is screwed to the muzzler.



The shaft tang is specifically designed for the Saetta Pro “vuoto” system, so to avoid having any cutting edges that could spoil the rubber gasket or the internal barrel. Shaft is 7.5 mm diameter, but also a 7 mm diameter one can be mounted. The specifically designed tang, steel washer and slide ring set have brought Cressi to create a kit complete with the three components for the 7 mm shaft, aimed to those spearos who wish to change diameter. The connection of the steel ring passage  for the line positioned under the muzzler has been reinforced.


Standard pressure of the Saetta Pro is set at 16 atm, which can be evidently increased up to 20-22 atm or more, if the spearo feels comfortable with that. The Saetta Pro is today a very competitive speargun, as it offers, in addition to the “vuoto” technology, an upwardoffset 13 mm barrel tooptimize the line of aim.


The only aspect which sees the Saetta pro still not really updated is the line release mechanism positioned in the inferior part of the hilt. We though believe this is a point Cressi is soon going to update, positioning such system laterally to the handle.


Saetta Pro is available in 3 lengths 70, 88 e 110 cm, with power reducer and 17-4PH steel 7,5 mm diameter shaft. Pistone is of new design for better functioning, reliability and precision.