The approach phase to the grouper is critical.

In the spearfishing technique for the hunt of the grouper, especially when deep diving, glides can be effected some meters from the bottom. This permits to search the area and locate groupers that are out of their burrow, just in front of its entrance. When a grouper is seen, we can approach setting direction with a few slow kicks, and after that, keeping still, gliding towards the prey.

During this phase, key to the success of the hunt, we will have to try and keep our body still, giving direction with the only tilt of the fins. Also, equalization should be controlled (of course it must be correctly carried out for safety reasons), to avoid scaring the grouper. To be able to do so, a slightly negative buoyancy will help. Often, in fact, the grouper points towards the spearo, keeping still in its position, but moving lateral fins. It will be exactly when the grouper will stop moving the fins that it will turn and hide in its burrow. We will need to be ready to shoot just before this moment.

During ascent phase, if the grouper tries to hide in the burrow, we will need, of course always working within maximum safety, to put the line under tension to avoid the fish from getting stuck in the rocks (the grouper uses its strong dorsal spines to block its body in the rocks). If there is no risk for the grouper to enter the burrow, it is then better to release the reel to avoid additional effort during ascent phase, determined by pulling the fish to the surface (see video).

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