Depending on the sea conditions, the length of the tube of the snorkel makes the difference.

The length of the tube of the snorkel determines different effects. A longer tube has negative aspects such as it will be more difficult to breathe in it, as the longer the tube the more frictionwill the air passing through it encounter. Moreover, it will be harder to expel the water from inside the tube, since the water will have to move higher up on a longer passage to exit. Finally, there will be more breathed air stagnating in the tube at every breath, making breathing less efficient. On the other hand, a shorter tube will have the disadvantage of filling up more easily with water coming from waves and splashes when sea conditions are not good. It is also true that the diameter of the tube also influences breathing. A larger or smaller diameter also effects breathing, as in the first case there is less friction and air passes through the tube more easily, but at the same time the volume of stagnant air increases. Generally, though, tube diameters are quite similar one to the other.

Many companies today offer different lengths snorkels to be able to choose the more adequate depending on sea conditions.

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