Where to have more chances to encounter the bass.

We know that with cold weather, the period from November to March in Europe, the bass increases its presence along the coast. It is a very resistant predator that adapts to low salinity and unclean water, so it can be found at the mouth of the rivers, ports and breakwater piers.

In Winter the bass will be present in areas with gravel sea floor with some dead (broken) sea weeds such as posidonia, that the predator uses to hide during hunt. The bass will also be present in shallow water with slowly increasing depth and full of small fishes, which are the food of the bass.

This predator is territorial, meaning it will be possible to meet the bass more times in the same place. Its hunter soul makes the bass vulnerable to the “waiting” technique, as it tends to come close to the spearfisherman with decision and ease.

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