Lignano Sabbiadoro 9/06/2016 The second day of competitions at Lignano Sabbiadoro is full of races, with three specialties, very different one from the other: Speed Apnea, Static Apnea, and Endurance Apnea 16×50.

Speed Apnea has opened the day with 17 competitors, 7 women and 10 men, and excitement has immediately struck the competition with two World Records. The first one set by Max Poschart, German, who has swam twice along the 50 meters pool in an outstanding time of 31”925. The Russian Alina Markovtcova, with the amazing time of 37” 235, has set the second World Record.

In the men ranking, second is the Italian Stefano Konjedic, with an spectacular performance of 32”190, and third is the Russian Mikhail Drozdov, with a time of 32”775.

In the women ranking great performance has been obtained by another Russian, Daria Dreger, with 38”290 and, third, the Italian Erica Barbon, with 38”445.

Soon after the Apnea Speed competition, the Static Apnea has started, with a good number of participants, for total 36, of which 12 women and 24 men. Fantastic result by the French Vincent Mathieu who, with the important time of 8’40”005, conquers the Gold Medal, followed by his teammate Jean-Baptiste Savornin, with 8’31”945. Third, and first of the Italians, an amazing Gaspare Battaglia, with 8’31”945, who obtains the confirmation of his Bronze Medal at the very end of the competition. It is in fact the Serbian Branko Petrovic to race as last of the lot, obtaining the astonishing time of around 10’20”, a result that would have been extraordinary, but that unfortunately has not been confirmed, since the Serbian Champion does not manage to close the protocol in time, and his race is so not validated.

In the women classification, it is a fantastic Gabriela Grezlova, from the Czech Republic, to obtain the best result, with 7’09”695. Behind her, the French Magalie Siterre, with 6’43.675, confirming the amazing strength of the French Team in this specialty. On the last place of the podium we find the Croatian Mihaela Romic, with 6’33”225.

The day has been concluded with the Apnea Endurance 16×50, raced by 19 athletes: 8 women and 11 men. And, after the Apnea Speed, it is once again double World Record also in this specialty, with the Italian Martina Mongiardino, participating to her first World Championship, capable of swimming 16 times the 50 meter pool in 12’16”250. The second World Record is of the German Max Poschart, with the time of 10’06”965 and already World Record holder in the Apnea Speed.

In the women classification, behind Martina Mongiardino we find the German Carolin Haase, with time equal to 13’07”130, while third is the Russian Daria Dreger,with 13’32”425. In the men ranking it is the French Kevin Provenzani to conquer second position and Silver Medal, with time set to 10’33”525, while third and Bronze Medal is the Italian Matteo Rum, who has swam the 800 meters in net 12’08”900.

Tomorrow morning the Dynamic Apnea with fins (DNF) will take place starting from 8.00.