In Winter spearfishing in shallow water, in some areas of the World (i.e. South and Central Europe), is almost a must.

This is due to the fact that fish are more present at such bathymetrics, and because with thick wetsuits, that require heavy loads, deep dives would be particularly challenging. The technique of spearfishing in shallow water is though utilized all year long in some areas of the World, and can give good results without requiring extreme physical training, especially if specific measures are taken.

The areas with extended shallow water and uniform sea bed, are inhabited by a lot of fish due to biological richness determined by currents and water movements on the surface and, an important aspect especially in Winter, the greater quantity of sunlight that reaches such areas.

The absence of great shelters will make the spearo visible and perceptible by the fish, so it will be fundamental to move with estreme slowness, using any possible small cover made by the rocks. The best time of day for shallow water spearfishing is early morning and before sunset, especially in the warm periods, when boats and bathers tend to frighten fish. In Winter such problem is less critical, even though fish will anyway tend to be in open water more easily at the start and the end of the day. Current is also important, and makes the fish more active, meaning more present in open water.

Ideal conditions to see fish outside the burrow are, so, current and wavy sea. The queen of the Winter, the sea bass, will be present especially in such conditions, to which there should be added, for a perfect situation, brackish and unclear water.

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