In Winter sea water temperature decreases significantly, and in the Mediterranean it can go down to 10° – 16° degrees centigrade.

Days shorten and the sun is constantly close to the horizon, also in midday, as if it was early morning or late afternoon all the time. The ideal depths for spearfishing will be between 2 and 10 meters, using mainly the ambush technique, but also the waiting technique, to hunt fish that eat algae and mollusc that are concentrated on the parts of the rocks which are closer to the surface.

With low light, tipical of this period, it is easier to disguise on the seafloor and hide from the sight of the fish, especially if one keeps the sun behind his shoulders.

Also current is important, where fish tend to move against it, which is a useful information for the waiting technique, or they stop just behind big rocks to shelter from it (useful information for the ambush technique). So it will be advisable to fish and move with current coming from behind, in a way that fish will appear coming towards us in the waiting technique, and we will be able to sight our preys just turning around the rocks in the ambush technique.

Finally, ballast will be fundamental, as in spearfishing in shallow water we shall need to almost avoid finning during the short dive, else we will be felt by the fish through its very sensitive lateral line.

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