(By Ryan Lategan)

Like the rest of the world, Covid-19 has been tough as we endured a long lockdown in South Africa. With the easing of lockdown restrictions, along with the hunger and desire to get back in the water, it didn’t take the spearos of South Africa very long before they started bagging some exceptional fish.

Spearo: Guy Le meme Fish: Black Musslecracker 20kg on left and Mulloway 26kg on right Gear: Rob Allen

This pandemic has taught us a lot, but has also made us appreciate this beautiful sport even more. To be able to get in the water again and do what we love is something special, along with providing a meal in the most sustainable form of fishing, which gives us a feeling that definitely can’t be taken for granted.

With the restart parts of the country were blessed with some amazing weather and sea conditions, especially in Kwazulu Natal, where they experienced clean water along with good fish. The guys from the Eastern and Western Cape regions put in the effort to travel in search of blue water and were rewarded handsomely for their efforts.

Spearo: Tanya Nadauld. Fish: indo pacific Sailfish 39kg. Gun: Pathos 100 Roller
Spearo: Johan Potgieter. Fish: Dageraad 4kg Depth 18m. Gear: Picasso suit, Pathos Ultimate fins, wooden inverted roller
Spearo: Paul Toich Fish:Scottsman 8.35kg tied with current SA record. Gear: DiveIn wetsuits, Pathos Ultimate fins, depth 21m
Spearo: Johan Potgieter Fish: White musselcracker 15kg each Depth: 18m Gear: Picasso wetsuit, Pathos Ultimate fins and wooden inverted roller
Spearo: Vlooi Botha. Fish is a Red Roman. Speargun: Rob Allen 130
Spearo: Don Sims Gear: DiveIn wetsuit Fish: Mulloway on left and Black musselcracker right
Spearo: Guy Le meme. Fish: Soldier shot with Rob Allen gear at 31m depth
Spearo: Tanya Nadauld Fish: John Dory 2.7kg Speargun: Rob Allen rollergun
Don Sims on the left, Darren Hanner in the middle and Paul Toich on right: 2 guys enjoying the days spearfishing while the other enjoys his fine beer🤭