The croaker is a wonderful fish, with large caudal and dorsal yellow fins, which give this fish a proud and refined look.

The croaker is able of fast movements thanks to the great fins, making it able of avoiding the shaft of the spearo, even if the latter is close to the fish. Who has never found himself missing the croaker when it was extremely close to the speargun?

The croaker loves to position itself in the shadow of the great rocks, and if the best time to find the croaker is the reproduction period, which in the Mediterranean sea is on average from May to June, even Autumn is very good to spot this Sciaenidae. The temperature of the water, in fact, is quite constant at most depths, but it is still warm, and brings often the croaker out in open water in shoal, positioning itself over big rocks at depths between 15 and 20 meters (depending on current and water temperature).