Valerio Grassi, after having founded the most important spearfishing company in the world, Omersub, has brought his experience to Seatec.

Valerio Grassi is the real guru of sling guns, thanks to his history, started in Beretta, company designer and producer of guns and rifles. Today, 92 years old and with the spirit of a lion, we have wanted to analyze one of the last products with his signature, the release mechanism of the Seatec Snake. 

Very interesting, and conceptually complex, the system is made of three components, manufactured by micro-fusion, a very technologically advanced and expensive process, but also very precise. The shaft blocking element rotates and acts on a second, very compact circular element, that acts itself on another arch shaped element, connected to the trigger. This unusual solution permits to have a very soft action on the release mechanism through the trigger, thanks to the great arm (distance) between the point of rotation of this arch shaped element and the connection to the trigger. A curious and innovative system that had to be shown.