Once more it is Apneapassion to be the first to show as World Première the photos of a new extraordinary product hitting the freediving and spearfishing markets. The new C4 250 series fins, based on the new advanced C4 250 foot-pocket, will be on the market soon.

On the new C4 250 foot-pocket, the technological base of the new C4 250 fins line, it is immediately evident that the lateral rails are of a minimal length. The 250 acronym clearly refers to the weight of each foot-pocket, practically half the weight of the lightest models from competition.

The C4 250 foot-pockets in World Première! Extremely light with minimal lateral rails.

We have had the chance to see and touch, and make a couple of photos of the C4 MB001 and C4 MB002. These are the new carbon fiber blade solutions mounted on the new foot-pockets. The two fins, taking the name from the carbon fiber “magician” Marco Bonfanti, differ for the length of the blade.

C4 250 MB001 & MB002 fins

But more is to come with the polymer blade version developed with the high involvement of none other than the international freediving champion, but also skilled spearo, Umberto Pelizzari. The name is a natural consequence, C4 Umberto Pelizzari fins.

As we did with the C4 S-990, we will be back soon with ALL the details of these new amazing products, which will surely hit the market hard, but in the meantime enjoy the first two images made for our readers!