With the Apnea Indoor World Championships that will be held in Italy this year, it is extremely interesting to present a wetsuit that will be very present in such competition, the Salvimar Zero.

Already worn by many Italian athletes potentially part of the national team and also official Salvimar athletes, such as Alessia Zecchini, Andrea Vitturini, Martina Mongiardino andVincenzo Ferri, but also the Croat champion Katarina Zubcic, the Salvimar Zero is a wetsuit specifically designed for indoor apnea, but also for those aquatic sports practiced in warm waters (over 25°C), where a high level of freedom of movement is requested.

Technical characteristics

The wetsuit is externally made of polyurethane of 0.5 mm thickness, named “Dolphin Speed“, which has high level of water penetration and is very resistant to abrasion and tear. Internally an ultra stretch Lycra lining is present, named “Skin Friend”, very comfortable in contact with the skin. The cut is specific for men and women, a solution that makes the Zero a real second skin, thanks to the superior elasticity and comfort. The buoyancy is neutral, thanks to the fact that there is no neoprene, but only polyurethane, a solution that does not require additional weight and permits the freediver to swim with minimum ballast. Mobility is maximum thanks to the ultraelastic lining and the preformed shape.

Innovative solutions

The extremely low thickness of the polyurethane requires a strengthening of the lines of junction of the different sheets of material. The solution used by Salvimar is the “HT Weld System“, that reinforces the junctions and maintains the maximum of the watertight effect, optimizing the thermal isolation.

Practically the system is based on the use of a Lycra band, denominated “Seamless“, since through gluing it permits perfect adherence and resistance of the various sheets of polyurethane, without the need of using seams, which would need to pass through the thin material reducing isolation and comfort.

Fundamental is such kind of wetsuits is the zip, which in this case is of extremely high quality, the PK model, produced by YKK, a company leader in the sector. Such zip is completely made of plastic with high resistance to traction and atmospheric agents. The area where the zip is positioned and attached on the back of the wetsuit is extremely reinforced, also with round Lycra buttons for additional safety.

The neck area is made of double layer polyurethane so that the neckband weight adheres to the external layer, while the internal one is stuck to the neck, and the two can slide one on the the other. This solution avoids and abrasion of the skin of the neck.

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