Salvimar is probably the spearfishing and freediving company that in recent years has shown the greatest dynamism. This is true not only on the product side, but very evident also on a communication concept point of view. The steps that has brought Salvimar from a high quality supplier to one of the leading spearfishing and freediving companies today, have been in fact not only led by an intense and continuous renewal and reinforcement of the product range. The communication has also been key. Today Salvimar launches the new campaign Join the tribe. But on the communication side the start has surely been the “acid green” concept, the belonging color that has hit the market hard, generating in the competitor companies careful observation of an extremely successful and effective campaign. Recognizable from very far, since the year of its launch until today the acid green colour identifies a Salvimar product.

From acid green to the journey

With the acid green concept well established on the market, Salvimar has then in 2019 created a new communication strategy. The idea was a journey by the Italian company visiting places and islands and meet the spearos around the world. Started in Sardinia (with the campaign “Feed your wild spirit”), then moved to Boa Vista (with the campaign Boa Vista: GOES LIVE!) producing spectacular images and an amazing video, the communication plan in this second stage was slowed down due to the Covid pandemic.

The new campaign “Join the Tribe”

From the concept of going to visit the spearos of the world, today Salvimar launches its new campaign: Join the tribe. This new communication idea evolves in the message of inclusiveness. You, spearman or spearwoman, be one of us, one of our tribe! All this, still maintaining the amazing strengths that have been achieved in time, starting from the acid green colour.

Monya Rossi, since Marketing & Art Director in Salvimar since 2016, and the mind behind the various campaigns, summarizes the new concept:

“We are moved by a strong passion that we feel in our hearts, so the time has come for everyone to be a part of it.
We want to share every moment and every emotion… from thought to planning, from the creation to the use of each Salvimar product.
It is part of us, to fulfill your wishes…
Join the tribe

Monya Rossi describes the path and the concept that have led to the new campaign.

“A trail of belonging as in the tribes. The sea tribe inspired, for example, by the story of the “Bajau“. Salvimar paints the face black and acid green, because it is the symbol that distinguishes us, making us recognizable in each of our products.

The same poses of the campaign evoke the ancient tools of hunting, from the spear, to the bow, to the arrows…

So the campaign doesn’t want to indicate a new way, but to carry forward a passion, a belonging… Join the tribe.

There hasn’t been a day when I’ve thought about it… maybe it just emerged that I belong to this world, made of adrenaline, silences and sounds under the sea.

The same membership that has always belonged to Massimo Quattrone, Product Manager Salvimar, from which he takes the idea of the Salvimar product that will be…

The new products

The new campaign by Salvimar, Join the tribe, has its strength also in the perfect matching and communication, with passion, energy and unmistakable identity, of the new amazing products by Salvimar.

Two subjects for the Mimic, the ultra compact mask with incredible low volume, and still great field of view and comfort, with design and technical concept made in Salvimar.

Two other subjects are dedicated to the new wetsuits “Scales101” and “Scales Lady”, where the camouflage colours reproduce in an extremely attractive way the scales of the fish.

Finally, maybe the strongest concept of the campaign, presenting the highly anticipated new sling speargun, the Ares.

The new campaign by Salvimar has the potential once more to hit the market with energy and innovation, and concretely include the passionate spearos to…Join the tribe!