Shafts have been a product on which research and new solutions, of more or less success, have always been focused on shape and materials. Today color is the real revolution, with the New Salvimar Capture.

The new painted shafts by Salvimar, named Capture, will be presented at the next Eudi Show 2017 (from the 3rd to the 5th of March, in Bologna, Italy). It could apparently seem just a marketing idea, colored shafts that look more attractive, but the new product by Salvimar actually hides many more secrets and advantages than one could imagine. We have talked about the new product with Massimo Quattrone, Product Manager of the Italian Company of Casarza Ligure.


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AP: Hi Massimo, first of all, how are the New Capture shafts manufactured and which is the material they are made of?

MQ: The new shafts are in high quality stainless steel 17-4 PH. The superficial treatment is applyed in the hoven.

AP: Which are the available colors?

MQ: We have today two different options, one in rough anthracite shark skin and the other in  smooth Salvimar acid green. 

AP: Why this solution of coloring the shafts? Is it only a mere aesthetic solution?

MQ: Certainly these colored shafts look nice, but we would have never launched on the market shafts with an additional costly treatment, just for an aesthetic effect. Salvimar actually does not ever work only on the image of a product, but behind the aesthetic look there must always be practical advantages, just as for the New Capture shafts. 

AP: So tell us which are the advantages, even though some we can already imagine following the laws of physics and nature. 

MQ: That is true, in fact we can find many of the advantages of these solutions in Nature. It is not by chance that the rough anthracite shaft solution refers to shark skin or the hulls of off-shores and boats of the America’s Cup. I would though like to start from another advantage, which is the great improvement of the sliding of the shaft on the shaft guide. This is determined by the great surface hardness of the paint, comparable to the one of glass, and much harder than steel. Increasing the sliding effect along the shaft guide generates another important effect, which is noise reduction.

AP: It would be natural to think that such “hard as glass” paint could also be very fragile and so break in case of the shaft bending on a rock. Is it so? 

MQ: Absolutely not. The coloring is done with a technique that melts the color together with the surface of the metal of the shaft, and so is able to “follow” all deformations. The paint does not come off even if the shaft bends. Even though superficial hardness of the paint is very high, the paint itself is quite flexible.

AP: And why a smooth and a rough solution?

MQ: At the moment we have wanted to offer two different solutions, both with the advantage of the great sliding capacity on the shaft guide and great silence, but with two different superficial characteristics.

The anthracite rough colored version has the unique advantage, which as said can be found on sharks, but also on competition and military nautical boats, of being rough and so able of sliding in water,  with a good reduction of the resistance generated by the viscosity of water.

The smooth acid green version has the advantage of being very evident on the speargun and so offert a great line of sight, somehow as we did on the carbon fiber barrel pneumatic speargun, the Dark Side, painting on the upper part an acid green line.

AP: Are there other novelties on the new shafts in addition to the colored solution?

MQ: Yes, we have worked on the design of the barb, now made with a profile with “steps” that improves penetration, reduces weight, still maintaining a very rigid and resistant structure.

AP: Are you planning the production of shafts in other colors, and when will the new acid green and anthracite shafts be available in the stores?

MQ: We are evaluating if and which new colors to bring on the market. Regarding availability, Capture shafts will be available just after the Eudi Show, beginning od March.