“OMER, as part of the Aqualung Group, is conducting a voluntary product update of some INVICTUS SPEARGUN parts. The action is focused in replacing INVICTUS triggers found on OMER INVICTUS Family: INVICTUS REX, INVICTUS HF and INVICTUS CARBON.

OMER / Aqualung is concerned that a failure may occur during a dive, causing the INVICTUS mechanism to block and as such, not release the shaft…INVICTUS spearguns without the mark “M” need to be serviced – Requires an Update”

Invictus trigger mechanisms with the “M” have already been updated at the factory – No further action required

Voluntary product updates are brought forward by large companies who want to insure the full support to their customers and the correct performance of their products.

Specifically for this campaign, Apnea Passion has contacted OMER for additional info on top of the already well described contents present in the official statements. OMER has been very available and supportive on this, showing a very professional approach.

We have been informed that the solution to the issue regarding the INVICTUS trigger has been already solved in a constant process of quality improvement that OMER has been accelerating on for 3 years now. The number of Invictus spearguns on the market set up with the “old” metal injected triggers is extremely low, as this solution was present only for a short production period. Still, OMER wanted to support ALL of those customers in possession of such products. The support is TOTALLY FREE for the customer who will be able to bring his/her OMER Invictus to nearest authorized OMER / Aqualung Dive Retailer or Dive Center and have the trigger system substituted with a brand new laser-cut version.