Another, the last, lure for fishes.

Particularly adequate for spearfishing in Winter season, with cold water, condition that requires in many seas techniques based on spearfishing in shallow water, the first preys should be put on the belt, instead of the buoy. This solution can confuse fish that, tranquilized by the presence of specimens so close to the spearo, will come closer with more ease. Also, the effect of waves moving the fish attached to the belt will give a sense of vitality, with an even more realistic scenario. Clearly, this positive effect can be obtained without exaggerating the quantity of preys held on the belt. Risk would, else, be the opposite effect of scaring the fishes.

Another result, to be evaluated, is the fragmentation of the image of the spearo with the one of the preys on the belt, which gives a positive mimetic effect.

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