Cressi Drake Titanium has already been presented by AP last year in the X Rays column. In 2017 Cressi has launched the nice and trendy Camo version. 

The Cressi Drake Titanium Camo version has a special grey military camouflage watchstrap. Now, even though it is evident that such colouring cannot make any difference in our camouflage in the water, we must say that today diving computer watches are more an more trendy in their design. The Drake Titanium, in particular, as already put in evidence in the X Rays article, is a very refined computer watch, both in the design and the materials used, with the crown of the screen made of a very refined and stylish Titanium, and dimensions overall quite compact which make the Drake useable in everyday life, also out of water.


In fact, we know, that some objects and accessories are becoming cult and an element of membership among divers, and so why not make them even more stylish with a camouflage look? Drake Titanium Camo can be then matched with the new 2018 Cressi Ninja sunglasses with polarized lens and grey military camouflage sticks.



But why not match the Drake Camo with camo tennis shoes, boxing gloves, or camo Fiat 500 and, for the lucky ones who can afford it, a camo Ferrari? After all, the last two rapresent the excellence of Made in Italy in the World, just like Cressi rapresents it in the diving World.

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