AP has visited Cressi central headquarters in Genoa for the 2017 product novelties, among which sling guns, masks, computers, reels, wetsuits and much more.

Cressi is the history of freediving and spearfishing. Quality and deep knowledge come from the long experience of a company still today 100% italian, both in the design and manufaturing. The philosophy of taking one step at the time and constantly developing product is maintained also with the 2017 line, to confirm the strong points of each equipment and optimize more and more all the product line.

New Comanche Rail and Cherokee

Sling guns are for sure the most loved Cressi products. This year the Italian company has even more improved its line up with the Comanche Rail, that, as indicated by the name, evolves with and anodized barrel which has an integrated spear guide, which improves precisiona nd strengthens the barrel, making it more rigid. This solution has been tested for two years on the Pacific. The new barrel has permitted to increase the maximum length of the Comanche rail (which starts from 60 cm) to 110 cm (compared to the 100 cm of the Comanche), without having any significant flexion of the speargun.
The muzzler is also new, compact and with the higher bridge to also let the shark fin shaft easily by.
The grip and the release mechanism, simple and easy to use, do not change as they are extremely appreciated by the more tradition customer. The support for the reel has anyway been strengthened, bringing on the Comanche Rail a solution well tested since a few years on other sling guns.
The standard shaft is extremely refined, with treatment in oven for the hardening of the material, which equals more precision in the shot and longer life. Extremely “clean” is the machining of the notches, which are smoothed on the sides eliminating and sharp edge, helping to avoid cutting of dyneema wishbones and eliminating possible points of weakness.

So today the Comanche, a speargun that has won in its history 3 World Championships, becomes Rail, with improved performance and an extremely interesting quality-cost ratio (around 89€ for the 60 cm on the internet).

The Cherokee line, which represents the top of the line of the Cressi sling guns, grows with the Cherokee, that positions itself at the base of the family, under the  Cherokee Ocean and Open, that AP has already presented (with the Elite now named Open) last year.

The barrel is circular and anodized, made of aluminum alloy (Anticorodal) of extremely high quality and rigidity with integrated shaft guide, which improves precision and rigidity of the speargun. The muzzler is the extremely advanced solution of the Cherokee family, with integrated magnet for better precision and easier and faster reload, while the release mechanism os completely made of stainless steel. Cherokee is standard with single circular band of 16 mm diameter (as the Open and differently to the Ocean which has two circular) and 6 mm shaft with notches (compared to the shark fin ones of the Open and Ocean).

With the new Comanche Rail and Cherokee the Cressi sling guns line is richer and even more adapt to satisfy any need of the spearo.

New reels R30 e R50, and Vertical Reel

Still on the speargun side, extremely nice are the new reels, named Reel R30 and Reel R50, depending on the quantity of line that can be winded. The two products bring a needed renewal to Cressi reel offer.

Machined from solid to obtain a more resistant structure and a more refined design, the reels are made of a material lighter than sea water to obtain a better balancing of the speargun The structure of the support is made of stainless steel for maximum resistance. The sled adapts to all Cressi spearguns and has special holes to adapt the reels also to spearguns of other brands. The slide ring is extremely precise in its movement to optimize the winding phase.

It is not a novelty of 2017, but the Vertical Reel deserves a special presentation thanks to its advanced solutions, such as the articulated and extendable winding handle, sling cover for better positioning and protection of the line, and extremely precise and pre-tensioned double disc clutch. The position of the winding handle on the right and the clutch on the left makes all operations simpler and avoids the rick of, for example, touching the clutch when winding the line. Up to 45 meters of line can be used on this reel.

New Calibro mask

A real scoop by AP is the possibility to present the New Calibro Mask, still a prototype, which will be on the market in April 2017. Evolution of the excellent Cressi Nano, that tested by AP has been extremely competitive compared even to the best frameless masks, the New Calibro maintains the IDF solution (Integrated Dual Frame Technology) that permits an astonishing field of view.

The specific design that integrates facial and chassis permits an additional improvement compared to the Nano, in terms of shape and ampleness of the lens. In such a way the already excellent values of field of view and internal volume of the Nano are improved by the Calibro. The external design is compact and hydrodinamic, while the variuous components are matt (only externally) to avoid any reflects of sunlight. We will deeply evaluate the characteristics of the Calibro including it in the testing of the Super test of masks. Calibro is available in grey, black and green, with black or grey chassis.

Guillaume Néry and the new Free wetsuit

Since the beginning, at the time of Jacques MayolCressi has been active in freediving and today the Italian company has in Guillaume Néry its ambassador and consultant. The French is the real image of freediving, with his video “Base jumping at Dean’s Blue Hole” that has been visualized by more than 25 million users, or his involvement in the video of the hit Runnin’ (Lose it all) of star singer Beyoncé and Naughty Boy. But not only, Nèry has been World Champion and has reached -126 meters constant weight. All of this experience has been used for the design of the new freediving wetsuit, named “Free“.

The new freediving wetsuit has been wanted by Nèry of 3.5 mm thickness, in internally lined neoprene, for greater resistance and easier wear, while the lining (X-thermic) and the neoprene (Second Skin) have been selected by Cressi together with the French Champion, choosing the maximum elasticity and softness. The cut is specifically made for freediving with, for example, the part of neoprene under the arm made of a single piece for better elasticity. The wetsuit is glued with a visually very high quality of the finishings, and is stitched with internal seams for best thermal insulation. Color is a brilliant blu, with rounded black shapes representing underwater air bubbles. Trousers have high waist line and closing of the castor tail is with velcro (Velcro system) for best precision.

New Gara Modular Nery fins

Also the new Gara Modular Nery fins are a result of the partnership with the French Champion.

The new fins have been modified in the hardness of the foot-pocket, specifically in the shore grades of the black rubber part (harder), which includes the longerons. Reduction of hardness has been equal to 15% and determines a more fluid, efficient and light finning, with great advantage to the reduction of fatigue and so increase in distance swam. The other characteristics, apart from the color of the blade, which is grey, are unvaried compared to the Gara Modular LD, with the blade-foot pocket angle equal to 22° and the Cressi patented “self adjusting” system of the foot pocket.


Goa computer

The widening of the compuer line by Cressi continues, also thanks to Cressi Electronics, with the new Goa.

Usable both for scuba diving and for freediving/spearfishing, the Goa is extremely compact. Resistant up to -120 meters, the case is heavy duty type with steel buttons. The quality of materials is extremely high such as on the Drake Titanium, which is being tested by AP. Extremely nice are the different colored versions. We will analyze better, with a dedicated test, the various technical characteristics.

New buoys: Easy, Tonda and Signal Board

Also the range of buoys is renewed. The Easy is made of PVC with incorporated flag and permits to easily wind the line directly around it.

The buoy comes complete with integrated weights for best stability even with strong wind and rough sea, while a very useful whistle is also included intelligently standard, as it gives the possibility, if necessary, to recall the attention of partner divers.

The Tonda (round) is a compact fabric buoy, so extremely resistant and adapt to dives entering from the coast. The flag is dismountable, while two felcro pockets permit the positioning of the weights for the balancing of the buoy.

An additional velcro pocket positioned in the upper part is available to store small objects. Two big handles facilitate transportation, while the lower part is made of a resistant gummed net that permits the download of water entered between the fabric cover and the inner tube. Also here the whistle is standard.

The Signal Board is thought for the spearo that enters from the coast and needs to bring with him equipment and accessories.

Made of fabric material resistant to wear, the float permits to load 3 spearguns and 2 spare shafts. As for the Tonda buoy, the lower part is made of gummed net for draining of water and avoiding the increase in weight of the float. A number of pockets and elastic bands permit the transportation of different objects. Two handles make it easier to carry the float on land, and also here a whistle is offered standard.

New Predator knife

Derived and evolved from the Killer, the Predator has extremely compact dimensions. 

Total length is equal to 18 cm and the blade, treated with protective Black coating, is 8.6 cm long. Weight is 120 grams. The handle is anatomical and rubber covered for best grip. The blocking system to the case is classic with rubber ring. Already much used with the Killer, the possibility also on the Predator to position the pin of the fish carrier inside the case, thanks to additional space.

Lumia torch

Already presented by AP last year as prototype, the Cressi Lumia is presented as the torch with unbeatable illuminating capacities.

The new torch by Cressi is the only one on the market with anatomical and asymmetrical grip, for a better control and individuation of the switch. All parts are Apneapassion è partner dell’ Eudi Show 2017. for maximum protection and noise reduction in case of bumps. The switch has 3 positions: off, on with automatic return to off and fixed on. The adjustable strap is extremely comfortable and easy to use. There is also the possibility of two different levels of power. The light reproduces sun light for best visibility of colors, while the beam of rays is reduced to a spot of around 6° through a highly developed lens made of ultratransparent material and protected by the optical polycarbonate oblò.