C4 GLADIUS Camo is a monocoque speargun entirely manufactured in100% high modulus carbon fiber. It is a fast hydrodynamicspeargun featuring a rigid barrel for very sharp and stable shooting. C4 GLADIUS Camo is now available in a camouflaged version, featuring a unique design and combination of colours.

C4 Gladius Camo top
C4 Gladius Camo side

C4 Gladius Camo is inspired by animal camouflage it has been designed by hand by digitally painting a “textured skin”, which makes the carbon fiber background visible. The final effect is similar to turtle skin and the colours of a spotted stingray.

C4 Camouflage printing

Anti scratch camouflage

The camouflage color of the C4 Gladius Camo is not simply positioned on the surface of the carbon fiber but it is embodied into it, thanks to a layer of UV resin which also makes it highly resistant to wear and prevents the fading of colors through time. The speargun features two anatomical and adjustable green handles and two extra white handles.

C4 Gladius Camo handle