After starting the publication of Apneapassion International Web Magazine also in Spanish, in addition to English and Italian, the magazine editorial staff is proud to announce the birth of Apneapassion España Facebook page.

“Spanish, but also South American, readers and spearos are an amazingly numerous group of passionate spearfishing and freediving lovers, and Spain is one of the strongest and most professional countries for what regards spearfishing. We have waited some time so that Apneapassion International Web Magazine was strong and well organized to manage a Spanish version and now a dedicated Facebook page, Apneapassion España. Apneapassion España Facebook page will not only present links to the contents of the magazine in Spanish language, but also include dedicated Spanish news. We are proud of this additional step that makes Apneapassion even more a point of reference worldwide for the spearfishing sector”, comments Carlo Forni, founder and Editor in Chief of the magazine.

“Having Bernat Castell in charge of the page is really the best solution possible and an honor, so to cover the Spanish market with the right news, the correct words, and the right mentality of an expert and passionate spearo”, continues Carlo Forni.