Switzerland is the first National Team participating to the 2016 Apnea Indoor World Championship, which will be held in Italy, in Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD), from the 6th to the 12th of June, to formalize the team.

Apolo Goutis, born in Athens, but with Swiss nationality, is the trainer of the National Team, made of one single Athlete, Philippe Gysin. Philippe was born in Couvet on the 25.05.1971. His best personal results in the specialties of the World Championship are:

  • Dynamic Apnea with monofin (DYN) à 106 m
  • Dynamic Apnea with bi-fins (DYN BF) à 92 m *
  • Dynamic Apnea without fins (DNF) à 84 m
  • Static Apnea (STA) à 4:05 min
  • Speed Apnea 100 m à 1:10 min *
  • Endurance Apnea 16×50 m à 17:40 min *

* Non official results

Philippe Gysin comments his participation to the World Championship in Italy: “The opportunity to represent your Country cannot be missed, and since Italy has a special place in my heart, when I have been asked to represent Switzerland at the World Championship in Lignano, I have not hesitated a moment. I am aware that my actual level of preparation is far from the best participants to the World Championship, but still, it is a dream for me to live such an experience. I hope to be able to beat some personal best and, why not, get close to some Swiss record.

For me apnea is an anti-stress activity. After a hard working day, I go to the lake (or swimming pool), empty my head and leave behind my fins the stress. Apnea is also a way to discover new sensations. We do not have a wonderful sea as in Italy, so we need to find our special spots, such as the alpine lakes. Those who have never tried apnea beneath the ice should absolutely do it!”