Another news from Alchemy, but this time it is more about the looks, while quality is always the top level one of Alchemy fins.


“Same iconic design, but this time, you get to be on the drawing board”. This is the presentation by the Greek company producing among the most beautiful blades on the market (soon the test), of the new Alchemy CUSTOMS solution, which gives the possibility to easily customize ones blades in the ordering phase.

Always utilizing premium materials and supreme craftsmanship, Alchemy’s best-selling models can now be customized by the customer directly in the order through the website, with a great number of possibilities:

  • Mix and match any logo and rail colour to any model
  • Add custom sticker designs on your fins
  • Add the Alchemy S light reflectors to all models
  • Get the Customs Bag, available only to Alchemy Customs owners

Link to Alchemy website for all details.