Approaching the Euro-African Championship, we have decided to interview actual Spearfishing World Champion George Vasiliou, also official athlete of Greek XT Diving company.

The Euro-African Championship will be held the 15 and 16 of September in Croatia, Mali-Losinj, and Apneapassion will follow it with a complete troupen of correspondants, both with Facebook real time videos, and with articles of presentation and description of the competition on the web magazine.

AP: George, how has the partnership with XT Diving and with owner and founder Tasos Chalaris started, and how, in general, do you choose your technical sponsors? 

GV: I have met Tasos Chalaris through a common friend. When Tasos has come to know I was since 2010 the Cipriot spearfishing Champion, in addition tonhaving conquered many other international trophies, he has believed in my capacities and decided to sponsor me. In time this has led to a deep friendship and a strict collaboration on XT Diving products. Generally, when a potential sponsor contacts me, I evaluate different aspects, but especially the level of the products, as these are part of my final success.

Vasiliou Chalaris
(Above: on the left George Vasiliou, actual World Spearfishing Champion. In the center, Tasos Chalaris, founder and owner of XT Diving. Below, one of the top models of XT Diving fins, the Pteryx).

AP: XT Diving T5 G Vasiliou fins have been named after you. Certainly you have worked with XT to define the characteristics you wanted for these fins. What have you requested to XT in particular, and how long have you been testing and developing the fins before reaching final result? 

GV: I was already very satisfied with the T4 fins. So I needed fins that had the same length and width of the blades, but more powerful to help me in deep dives and resurface. We wanted to create a powerful blade, that could give strong push, but with reduced energy consumption. In about one year we have created different prototypes for my specific needs and likes. The final model, the XT T5 G Vasiliou, I have practically tried out directly at the World Championship in Syros in 2016. Result has been really perfect, so we have decided to add the model to the product line and add my name to it.

AP: What is really special on the T5 G Vasiliou fins and, in your opinion, on all XT Diving fins? 

GV: The T5 G Vasiliou blades are reliable, strong and powerful and, as anticipated, have the important characteristic of helping the spearo coming up from deep dives, without having to waste too much energy. Certainly all XT Diving fins are special, but of course each model adapt better to different needs. Each new version that is added to the product line permits to answer to the different needs of various spearos. I believe T5 G Vasiliou blades can respond to necessities of many divers, and strongly recommend them.

AP: In Syros you have raced at abyssal depths, from -40 to -60 meters. The T5 are specific for these depths?

GV: Yes tehy are, but not only. As anticipated, in Syros I have utilized the T5 practically for the first time. We have made a lot of efforts to obtain an optimal result and the T5 have given the specific performance we wanted. Clearly these blades are excellent also for dives that are not as deep.



AP: Do you change fin model depending on depths and spearfishing technique? 

GV: Actually I am so satisfied with the T5 that I use them at every detpth and spearfishing technique.

AP: What counts the most for you regarding fins characteristics? Put these aspects in order of importance: push, softness and comfort, silenceness, reliability, foot-pocket, lightness. 

GV: In the spearfishing equipment and in particular in fins, all the listed aspects are of great importance and useful. Since a must give an order, I would say that, for my needs, I would order them as follows: push, reliability, softness and comfort, lightness, silenceness, foot-pocket. In addition, I believe fins must give good push with reduced energy consumption.

AP: What do you esoect from the Euro-African Championship in Coratia? Is it a good field for you? Do you know the area? Will you still use the T5? 

GV: My aim is to show good performance and obtain a positive result. I do not know the competition fiels, so I do not know if it will be good for my characteristics. I have never been to Croatia and so it will be my first time in such waters. Unfortunately I will have few days for preparation and study of the competition field. We have heard that fish is not much present at big depths in such area, but anyway I look forward to compete and give my very best for a good result. Certainly I will continue using the T5, as since I have tried them the first time I have not been using anything else.