To go down at -110 meters in constant weight one has to verify every detail, and key is the diet.

After having listened to the training of Gorak Colak, the CWT with monofin World Champion, Gold medal and World Record with -110 meters at the 2015 CMAS World Champs, organized by FIPSAS, let us see how the Croatian eats to reach best performance.

AP – Goran, training id key, but the fuel comes from what we eat, right? 

GC – Absolutely. I am very careful to what I eat. Of course I do not exaggerate in this, but I follow specific rules during the different periods in which I train.

AP – What do you eat when far from competitions? 

GC – When I train during the basic preparation, but also in the following phases, with specific training, I follow Mediterranean Diet. I eat almost everything, but it all must be quality food. I go from proteins, meat, often white such as chicken, and fish, the latter is better, to many vegetables. I also use a loto of olive oil.

AP – And when you are closer to competition your diet changes? How? 

GC – If the diet far from competition is as complete as possible, closer to a race I must very well consider the possible tiring out of the stomach. First of all vegetables, that remain for long in the stomach, are good far from competition, but in the days before a race I tend to eliminate them from the diet. 36 hours from the race I also eliminate proteins, as they also are not very easy to digest. These, moreover, attract a lot of blood to the stomach, something that is not good for diving.

AP – So, actually only carbohydrates are left?

GC – Exactly, I eat high quality carbohydrates, such as the ones present in whole wheat pasta, in potatoes, in rice, and also in bananas. I also eat fish until 24 hours from the competition.

AP – In ISchia you have gone in the water first in the morning, since the depth you had declared was the maximum of all, – 100 meters. Practically you have woken up, had your breakfast and made the new World Record

GC – No breakfast, as I prefer to dive with empty stomach, to be more free and to be sure there is no digestion process taking place, something that would adsorbe blood with a number of additional complications. Practically, my last meal has been at 17:00 the day before.


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