(by Valentina Prokic)

Jose Antonio Olmedo Perez, President of FEDAS (Federacion Espanola de Actividades Subacuaticas) from 2016 till 2018 has died on Sunday 31st May 2020, two days after his 75th birthday.

Jose Antonio Olmedo Perez with his traditional smile

José Antonio dedicated most of his life to promoting underwater activities from different federal areas. He started practicing spearfishing at his lifelong club, the Barcelona Spearfishing Association, of which he was president among other positions.
His career within the Federation was an example of a captain and manager dedicated to sport and its athletes. He served from the Delegated Commission of FEDAS, passing through the Board of Directors, and since 1998 for 20 years he was Technical Director of the National Department of Spearfishing, in a glorious time of this sport in Spain and in the world. In 2016 José Antonio became President of the Spanish Federation of Underwater Activities.
Olmedo was a very big defender of spearfishing and a true friend of athletes, as for him athletes were the authentic essence of sport and the reason for it to exist. He was always there for big or small talks, support, friendship and enjoyed every medal that Spanish team won. Spearfishing world lost a great person and he will be missed not just in Spain, but in whole spearfishing community.
Rest in peace Jose Antonio….

Andres Sureda Milan, member of CMAS BOD and former captain of Spanish national team: “When I think about my “Boss” my soul belongs to his second surname, Arpón…In our language it means harpoon. Like him when he was fighting for our world, like his heart smiling like a young spearo. Strong like steel but soft like a rainbow… Today is a sad day for us, but anyway “someone” up there is clapping his hands cause he is arriving…I’m not going to miss him!!! He is ALWAYS here, with me. Listening to my questions and giving me the courage to face my daily problems. How can I miss you dear Josè Antonio??? I close my eyes and I see your words. I close my mouth and I listen your feelings. Please, don’t cry guys!! He didn’t leave us!!! He will be always here until the Sea becomes a desert…All my love to you dear Boss….“

Daniel Gospic, ex world and euro-african champion: „Olmedo was my friend, even when I obtained better results then Spanish athletes he was there to congratulate me with his big smile. Olmedo always supported athletes, fought for them and fought for our beloved sport. Spearfishing world lost a great person and a friend. Rest in peace Jose Antonio….“

Pedro Carbonell, former world and euro-african champion: „Rest in peace my friend, defender of our sport until you could no more. Thank you for everything you did for us during all these many years.“

Bartolomeu Salas, ex captain of Spanish national team: „Our great friend José Antonio Olmedo, who was president of the Spanish Federation and the best defender of spearfishing in all history, has left us !!! May God give him glory where he belongs !!! Many of us suffer your loss! The pain will be immense as was your friendship. Rest in peace my good friend and have a good blue….“

Miguel Galera, spanish athlete: „The truth is that you deserve a great mention from me, as you gave me the opportunity to be part of the prestigious Spanish Spearfishing Team. Those were the best experiences of my life as an athlete and even though you always joked telling me to use a rod, I thank you for those years and I miss you. You were a great defender of our sport, if not the best defender. Rest in peace dear José Antonio Olmedo, you leave a great mark….“

Jaime Heras, Spanish athlete: „Captain, just wish you a happy journey and thank you for all that you done in defending our sport. Thank you for believing when nobody believed and thank you for having made me participate in your journey. They say that people do not die if we still have them in our memory and I will always take you in mine, rest in peace my friend..“

Miguel Angel Sotto Ossandon, athlete from Chile: „My deepest condolences for loss of Jose Antonio Olmedo. He was great in every way, a gentleman, friendly and very humane. Thank you for the pleasure of having met you..“