Óscar Cervantes is one of those athletes who can be called TOP, possessing an impressive curriculum. He has to his credit a Euro-African Championship in 2019, he has been World Team Champion in 2014, Spanish Champion in 2016, 3-times champion of the Master Ciutat de Palma, several times champion of the Balearic Islands… and many more titles. His usual fishing area is the island of Ibiza, where he lives, but he does well in any sea.

Oscar Cervantes European Champion 2019

Bernat Castell: Whether you like it or not, you are already an athlete who in each championship you attend is among the favorites. Does this add pressure to you when facing a championship or on the contrary does it motivate you?
Oscar Cervantes: Well, if I tell you the truth, it does not add any pressure, on the contrary, it serves to motivate me much more. Besides, I really enjoy the competition and if at any moment I felt too much pressure I would stop doing it.

BC: We know that championships are not easy, you have to work on them before and during the competition day. What factors do you usually take into account when preparing a championship?
OC. I like to prepare them with time and conscientiously. I like to study the competition areas well, both in and out of the water. I don’t like to leave anything to chance.

BC. Many times it happens that when one has a well prepared championship on the day of the competition the current changes, or the water gets dirty, or it gets cold, or … all at the same time and the fish change places. What is the plan B ?
OC. For me, plan B is to have worked everything very well before and not just focus on one strategy, because you know, in competition everything can always change and you have to be able to adapt. As I said, I don’t like to leave anything to chance.

Oscar Cervantes with two wonderful snappers

BC. This atypical year, without championships, … Do you think it has cut your streak or rather has it served as a respite from the rhythm of competition?
OC. To tell you the truth, I don’t think I have cut any streak, but rather the opposite. It has helped me to relax a bit and to be able to resume it with much more enthusiasm.

BC. Have you set a goal for yourself in this sport?
OC. I have never set goals, I am one of those who think that what is good will be.

BC. What advice would you give to those boys (and girls) who are starting out in competition?
OC. Do not hesitate to participate, and although the results are not good at first, do not despair nor stop. It is by going and participating when you learn, and you learn a lot. Little by little you will evolve. The key is to be constant, there is nothing more.