World Record holder of Dynamic Apnea with Bifins (DYN BF), Andrea Vitturini has tried for the first time the Jump Blue with fins at the European Champ in Turkey. We have interviewed him.

Apneapassion: Andrea, what did you aim for at this European Champ in the Jump Blue and how do you evaluate your result with the Bronze medal? 

Andrea Vitturini: The idea for which I have given my availability to participate to the European Champ in Turkey was to do really well in the Jump Blue in its last presence at a CMAS event (it will be in fact cancelled). I have worked hard in my preparation and I have tried this new challenge with a different strategy using two fins.

I must say final result is a big disppointment. I have arrived at the European Champ in great conditions, even though a number of problems had made everything difficult during my preparation. Unfortunately, as concentration is key, I have let a last minute change in the organization deconcentrate me, as the warm up pool has been eliminated last minute to use it for a simultaneous competition taking place. As, together with Cristina Rodda, I am the only athlete to do a warm up, I have felt very much penalized by this change and I have let this sensation limit my performance.

Pity is that, sincerely, when I got out of water I felt well both phisically and from an apnea point. I should have kept more concentrated. Performance by Cristina Rodda, that is the same conditions has obtained her best ever performance, demonstrate this.

I can at least think that I have helped the team with a medal, but personally I feel this is very little compared to the time and effort put in the training for this competition.

IMG 20171009 WA0007

AP: How has been the preparation before this event?

AV: At the beginning the training has been great and I have had really good sensations, but after the load phase I have had a very strong “low”, until a few days from competion. I must say, though, that the day of the competion I felt well.

AP: What kind of activity have you been doing in the 3 months before the race? 

AV: I have put a lot of “high intensity interval training” sessions in my swimming (these also done with electric bike). I also use mixed styles interval training and, naturally, apnea technique simulations.

AP: How does diet influence performance and do you have any small secret? 

AV: Diet is a very delicate aspect for me. I love food and sweet and tend to accumulate weight. So I usually do an hypocaloric cycle and actually a vegetarian one, and then gradually go back to eating almost anything. On a performance point of view it is undoubtedly important to find the right food for the immediate moments before competition, so to have enough energy but avoid overloading the stomach. On this aspect I have been lucky and have since some time found the correct food for me, which are the Raw Bite bars, very natural and digestible, a very high quality product.

AP: Which equipment did you use for this European Champ?

AV: As usual, I have used the Fluyd Fibra 151° fins, and in this occasion the Fluyd F1 triathlon wetsuit, that has insured thermal protection to my trunk and legs, and has kept my arms free.

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