Holder of 2015 Euro-African title, conquered in Cadiz, the Spanish Champion Xavier Blanco (Mares) is one of the favorites for the 2017 title, but he will need to battle hard against extremely strong athletes, especially the local spearos.

AP (Valentina Prokic) has interviewed him before the Euro-African competition.

AP: Which are your expectations for the Euro-African Champ, personal and as a team? 

XB: The most important thing is the team. Spain needs to be the best, always. Then comes the individual result. Of course I want to win, or at least be in the top 5, as usual.

AP: What will decide final winner? 

XB: I believe conguers will make the difference. The one that will catch five congers in each zone (each day) and other fish, of different species, will be the winner.

AP: Who are, in your opinion, the favored athletes?

XB: Number one favorite is surely Daniel Gospic, and then the other Croatian athletes. Afetr that the Italian team members and, of course, my teammates, Oscar Cervantes and Samuel Tomas.

AP: Will big preys have a role in final result? 

XB: I don’t think so. More fish of smaller size will be best for final success.

AP: Do you feel the pressure?

XB: Absolutely not. This is for me like any other competition, and I do not feel the pressure in these occasions.