He does not want to hear it, and shows calm, but it is certainly the many-times Champion, the Croatian Daniel Gospic (Team Cressi), to be favored for the coming Euro-African Championship. Competition will be in fact held in Croatia, on the island of Mali-Losinj, exactly where the Croatian athlete was born and where he won, in 2010, the World Championship.

AP (Valentina Prokic) has interviewed him before the Euro-African competition.

AP: Which are your expectations for the Euro-African Champ, personal and as a team? 

DG: I have never loved great words and predictions. I hope I will obtain a good result for me and the team, since competition is held at home, but we will see how it ends. I will for sure give my very best as in all competitions, that I can assure.

AP: What will decide final winner? 

DG: I believe depth will be key, as there is no fish in shallow water, since temperature is high and visibility very good, so fish goes down to deeper spots. But we have to wait until the days of the competition to see weather and sea conditions. For the moment, as said, these are good.

AP: Who are, in your opinion, the favored athletes?

DG: Spanish and Italian first, then the Greek, and also some athletes like the ones from South Africa, that are preparing the competition since the beginning of August.

AP: Will big preys have a role in final result? 

DG: Certainly some athletes will catch big preys such as dentex, amberjacks and, maybe, groupers. I have not seen any grouper during preparation, but it might happen that some competitors may catch some.

AP: Do you feel the pressure?

DG: Not after so much experience and so many competitions. I felt no pressure even in 2010, at the World Champ. I am very motivated and am preparing at best this appointment.