Excellent deep diver and with a very good final standing in the last World CHamp in Syros 2016, Giacomo De Mola (Team Pathos) is certainly one of the athletes to follow attently in the coming Euro-African Champ  in Croatia, at Mali-Losinj.

AP (Valentina Prokic) has interviewed him.

AP: Which are your expectations for the Euro-African Champ, personal and as a team? 

GdM: As always I will put maximum effort in this competition. It wil, be difficult to be in the first 5 as athletes are of extremely high level. Also for what regards team classification, it must be said tht many of them are in Mali-Losinj since quite a while to preparare the competition at best. Anyway the Italian team will do its best.

AP: What do you thin will determine final winner?

GdM: Certainly speed and contance in performance.

AP: Who are, in your opinion, the favoured athletes?

GdM: For sure all the Croat, Daniel Gospic and Stjepko Kesic among all. Alos Spain, with con Samuel Tomas, Oscar Cervantes and Xavi Blanco.

AP: Will big preys have a role in final result? 

GdM: As we have seen in the other competitions, certainly big preys have an important role. What will be the key is to find them.

AP: Do you feel the pressure?

GdM: At the moment I feel no pressure, I am simply having fun.