Finally, a complete, professional and reliable on-line spearfishing course, that is definitely well beyond all the material that can be found on the web. The teacher? The Italian Spearfishing Champion Giacomo De Mola. We have talked with him about the contents and aims of his course.

Apnea Passion: Why this course and when did you think of making it?

Giacomo De Mola: I’ll tell you the truth, it was a long time I had in mind to do something like this.
My idea comes from the fact that on the web you can find videos of many kinds (including mine), of fishermen of all kinds, showing more or less difficult and more or less technical catches or fishing actions, but rarely what is behind the performances is explained.
Most of the time the public learns little or nothing from these types of videos, and indeed sometimes they create a sort of emulation without having the skills, and this makes everything very dangerous.
With this course, I explain step by step how to reach certain levels taking into account the dangers and explaining what to do to avoid them and what to do to increase our performance and consequently our safety.

Giacomo De Mola – Deep Spearfishing on-line course

AP: Since you have been working on it, what were the difficulties and what were the greatest satisfactions?

GDM: We have been working on it from the first lockdown, in which I wrote all the texts and starting from Summer 2020 until a few weeks ago my partner in this project, DM Clauss, planned and filmed all the external and underwater shots and then made the editing.
It was an impressive job. Imagine that to have 20 lessons with a total of 3 hours and 30 minutes where I have to explain many themes, we have almost 50 hours of footage.
We had to choose the best, I had to explain everything in a simple and intuitive way.
The satisfaction is undoubtedly that by reviewing the course I believe that we have done a great job and that many young and old fishermen from all over the world will be happy that there is a DEEP FISHING VIDEO COURSE that explains the techniques in 3 languages, where to draw to that information that no one gives you except direct experience.

Giacomo De Mola – Deep spearfishing course

AP: Who is the course for?

GDM: The topics covered in the course are certainly useful for an average fisherman, for an experienced fisherman who has the curiosity and desire to see my way of dealing with topics such as relaxation, variable descent, how I manage a deep dive, training, tricks, etc, but also to the novice who wants to understand what lies behind a deep dive and the thousand aspects to take into account.

AP: What are the macro areas of the course and how should it be used once purchased?

GDM: In the course there is a good part on relaxation, preparation for diving, breathing techniques, how to increase thoracic ‘elasticity’, concentration techniques in conditions of stress from racing or from any situation at sea.
An aspect that is often underestimated is the ability to adjust the buoyancy in order to then appear non-aggressive towards the fish, the management of the dive, the concept of margin, how to overcome the problems related to compensation in depth.
Then move on to the actual descent technique, from the important overturning of the fisherman to the free-fall phase, the visual contact with the bottom, the position of the speargun in hunting or at rest, the safe protocol of exit with hook breathing and use the air of the mask in ascent, the use of the snorkel at the outlet (already treated on Apnea Passion), the 3 specific techniques and the 2 methods of variable buoyancy, how and why to use them, how to recover the mobile lead in an intelligent way. Hints of technique on the bottom, to then move on to all types of training. Mental, visualization, training the blood shift, the diaphragm, lower the heartbeat with the mind and with a breathing technique.
Dry and pool exercises aimed at fishing and many other tricks learned in 25 years of activity and in many leagues useful for everyday fishing days. We talk about the dangers, the blackout, how to avoid the Taravana, how to put yourself in a position not to risk and how to realize when we are risking at sea and finally we talk about Nutrition.

Giacomo De Mola – Deep spearfishing course also includes everyday life advices
Giacomo De Mola – technique

AP: Freediving and deep fishing are however aimed at athletes who are already quite experienced. Why didn’t you start from the simplest / traditional medium depth fishing?

GDM: As you know, I am one of the few athletes to have reached the highest levels in both freediving and underwater fishing. I see that in freediving courses we often only talk about protocols for freedivers and the lessons are specific to this activity.
I tried to mix the two by taking what I learned over the years of competitions and training in pure freediving and adapting them by modifying them for spearfishing.
Because, let’s remember that the approach to reaching a card with an entire assistance team is quite different, rather than spending a whole day fishing with the thousands of variables that can be encountered.
As I said before, this course is polyvalent so I believe it can be useful for both the expert and the average fisherman and for the novice to understand that you don’t mess with depth and that everything is learned step by step.

AP: Do the fishing techniques present in the course refer to all types or only to those specific to deep fishing?

GDM: In this course I explain many things about ourselves in the marine environment. The techniques explained can be used both in deep and in shallow water, and especially for the part of mental training and anti-stress breathing, they can even be useful for everyday life.
I explain my way of living underwater fishing, where the fish must be a reward for all the work done before. The course is simple to buy and follow, and can really make a big difference for our performance and safety.

Brief presentation of the course

The course is in Italian, subtitled in Spanish and English.
There is a guided relaxation lesson (20-minute acoustic exercise) recorded by native speakers of Italian, Spanish, English, French, Russian.
Russian and French languages are included in the relaxation, because for example those who buy the course and are French who have a basic knowledge of English can read the subtitles in English, but to relax they need to listen to the course in their language (same for Russians) .
All the other lessons are well explained also with pictures, so the course is accessible to a large part of fishermen in the world.

The course is as close as possible to a Face to Face course with Giacomo De Mola.

The operator who is of great importance in this course is able with the shots to make the lesson easy to learn and to make the audience feel in direct contact with Giacomo.
DM Clauss Photographer and Cinematographer with great experience in the world of fashion, famous in the underwater sector for the DVD videos of Marco Bardi and Omer sold all over the world.

How to register and view the course

Go to

Once you’ve seen the trailer:

Step 1: By clicking on the course page you can see the topics and the first presentation lesson open to all, where it is possible to evaluate subtitles and shots. 

Step 2: If you decide to buy by clicking ADD TO BASKET you will be directed to a page where you can enter your personal data and create your user name and password

Step 3: Once you have registered and paid, returning to the course page all the lessons will be open and visible indefinitely.

As with the famous Netflix platform, there is a limit for the user to enter with his credentials from a maximum of one device at a time, and obviously, it will not be possible to exchange username and password with other people.
These violations will block the user.

Whenever you want to review the course, by entering your `USER NAME and PASSWORD you will have access to the lessons page.