Andreas Costanasios and Giacomo De Mola

Andreas Costanasios enters the Pathos Team, not as spearo, but as an expert in product design and development, a good additional step in the constant growth of the Greek company.

Andreas Costanasios is a Greek spearfishing champion with good results in many competitions, such as being Greek Teams Champion in 2012 and 2016, winning the Syros Nautical Week Spearfishing tournament three times, and being champion of Glafkos spearfishing championship also 3 times. He was a Greek National Team athlete in Croatia in 2010 and a Greek National Team athletes selector between 2014- 2018, with the great result of World Champion with National Team at SYROS 2016 World Championship.

Born in Athens in 1973 he competed for the first time in 1996, together with the famous Greek Champion Roberto Calich.

He also wrote a book titled “In the fish Hunter’s Lab“ ( 2017), with contents coming from the big experience and passion of Andreas Costanasios to improve all the spearfishing equipment, also thanks to his big talent in drawing and sketching items in 3 dimensions. All these qualities have contributed to him being requested by many clubs to have seminars and workshops in all of Greece. He is also one of the first Spearfishing YouTubers, also winning first place in the Deepex Spearfishing Video Awards.

From November 2020 Andreas Costanasios collaborates with Pathos in the design and new products department and in the production quality check.

So a champion and product design expert that goes to strengthen even more the Pathos team, that has already in the last years shown through its products the capacity to innovate and to bring high quality and experience in the spearfishing market.

We have had a chat with Andreas Costanasios to know more about him and the contribution he can give to a strong company like Pathos.

ApneaPassion: How did you start spearfishing?

Andreas Costanasios: My spearfishing journey began back when I was 13 years old. Up until that time, I only used the fishing line. Then, I observed that spearfishermen brought out larger trophies than us, off-water fishermen. The rest, well… is history.

AP: How and when did you start competitions?

AC: Passion and admiration towards all those people I was reading about in spearfishing magazines and books, has been there since I was a kid. I collect vintage issues and articles of that content, even to this day! In those pages I loved to read back then, one man stood out the most to me: Roberto Calich. I had the honor, later on, to meet him in person and it was he who trusted and chose me to join his team. The year was 1996. The place was Syros island. The prize was 1st place at that year’s Syros Championship.

AP: What is Pathos for you? What does Pathos represent for a Greek athlete?

AC: Pathos has been a great opportunity for me to make good use of and to unfold my inclination towards the design and manufacture of everything that is spearfishing related. I consider myself very lucky to be able to work on something I love so much. As far as the needs of Greek athletes are concerned, Pathos has always been a great aid, providing us with the safest and most efficient equipment; not to mention the financial support every athlete under Pathos umbrella gets. I am sure everyone knows about that…

AP:  Spearo, athlete and spearfishing champion, then journalist, writing a book about spearfishing equipment. What can you now give to a great company like Pathos as support on products and in general?

AC: Since 1991, I’ve been involved in improving my spearfishing equipment, designing and creating conversions, in order to make my gear work at its best. During my time with Pathos, I intend to use my experience of 34 years both in conceiving and materializing new ideas, as well as improving those in production today.

AP: Which Pathos products do you prefer and which products you have some ideas to improve?

AC: My favorite Pathos product is Laser and Saragos spearguns. I love their simplicity and their shooting accuracy. I also like Pathos carbon blades for two reasons: a) They provide the boost every deep spearo needs and 2) They are comfortable. The basics that we all deal with are the speargun, the fins and the mask, along with their accessories. We, as Pathos staff, will focus on these issues for starters.

AP: Which Pathos products did you try already in your career and what did you like the most?                                                                                                            AC: The closed muzzle Laser speargun (old school) and a longer shaft attached to it will always have a place in my speargun bag. My most recent Pathos product trial is the Sniper. Its accuracy, underwater movement and perfect balance have really amazed me. I definitely recommend it! Also, the reels and shafts by Pathos are worth giving a try!