Who has finally managed to align CMAS and AIDA World Records? But of course Wonderwoman, Alessia Zecchini. Just some few hundred meters from our offices in Rome, only slightly more than his last WR of 107 meters, we could not miss an interview after CMAS Apnea Outdoor World Champs in Kas, Turkey, where she established World Records and won 4 gold medals.

Apneapassion International Web magazine: Alessia, once more World Records, now the deepest at -107 m, equalling CMAS and AIDA. Why has it been so important for you to align them?

Alessia Zecchini: For me World Record means being the deepest woman in the world, and these two names made some confusion. I also strongly hope that CMAS and AIDA can come and work together to gain Olimpic Games.

Alessia Zecchini at Kas

AP: Deeper and deeper: which do you believe can be your limit?

AZ: There is no real limit. You can always improve something and go one meter deeper. For next year I think something more than 110 meters is possible.

AP: Technique, mind, physique and equipment. How much does any of these aspects stand for in percent to be successful?

AZ: Freediving is made of different components. In my opinion the most important is the technique, as if this works you can immediately have an improvement. Consequently you need equipment which is adapt to your phisical structure, and a wetsuit that has sufficient glide. A good wetsuits gives a 20% glide improvement compared to just wearing a swimming costume. Between the remeining parts, mind and phisique, I think they weigh the same. I have improved my mental approach, now always being relaxed and happy to dive, and trained my phisique also outside of the water.

Alessia Zecchini World Record - 107 meters
Alessia Zecchini World Record – 107 meters

AP: Which are your strong characteristics compared to your competitors?

AZ: I do not really know. I am very determined, but am surely not alone. I have fun, a lot in the water, always looking to improve myself, with no pressure from outside. I am always very relaxed during competitions, maybe that’s a point.

AP: Mediterranean sea and Caribbean sea: what changes in the performance?

AZ: Main difference is the thermocline, that in Mediterranean sea is more difficult to handle, while in the Caribbean constant temperature determines more relaxed conditions. In addition, waves are often present in the Mediterranean, while not in the Caribbean. So finally performance is easier in the latter.

Alessia Zecchini World Record

AP: Which equipment have you used for the two records, CMAS and AIDA?

AZ: Evidently Salvimar-Fluyd wetsuits, 1.5 mm B1 wetsuit in the record at the Bahamas, while in Kas a 3 mm open cell-smooth wetsuit by Salvimar for free immersion and constant weight disciplines, and the B1 used at Bahamas for the no-fins, as it is key to be extremely free in the movements and reduce buoyancy. Neck weight by Chabaud, goggles by Uba Project, which are perfect, monofin by StarFins, that I have used in the sea and in the swimming pool at the World indoor champs, Lanyard octopus and nose clip Freexperience, as it is the smallest on the market and for my small nose the only one that fits!