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Bruno Zic, spearfisherman from club DSNM Volosko is the winner of the XXIX° edition of the Inter-county Championship of Northern Adriatic Croatia, organized by SRD Udica Mali Lošinj. This championship is also a qualification for the individual National championship of Croatia, which will be held at the end of June in the waters of Murter. During the five hours of fishing in the area of ​​the island of Lošinj from Cape Suha in the west to Toverascica Bay, at the north, including the islands of Palacol and Oruda and the surrounding shoals, Zic caught fish worth 21148 points. Ten white seabreams, one black scorpionfish and four congers were on the Bruno Zic’s wire.

Podium North Adriatic: 1° Zic, 2° Kremenic, 3° Kraljic

“It has been the result of the magic job of Daniel Haluska, my boatmen. I was only there to dive, he was the boss on the gps. We were at the check-up on Friday and that was enough. After only 40 minutes I had ten white seabreams in the boat. Afterward, I caught the congers and the black scorpionfish, and for the last two hours, I haven’t even shot one more time. I must say that we did not count on any result. We went working calmly, just to get the job done. It drove us crazy that we couldn’t find a brown wrasse and a red scorpionfish, and we didn’t even get to a small grouper”, said Bruno Zic at the end of the competition.

Bruno Zic and his boatman Daniel Haluska

The second position in the competition among 28 spearfisherman from 14 northern Adriatic clubs was conquered by Zoran Kremenic (Parangal Cres), with 19768 points. Kremenic had seven fish on the wire – forkbeard, cuckoo wrasse, black scorpionfish, red scorpionfish, six brown wrasses and three congers. The third was the local fisherman Marin Kraljic (Udica Mali Losinj), with 16919 points, which brought him nine fish and four congers. The most valuable catch was from the fifth-placed, Sandi Imbrisic (Marlera Liznjan), who caught a grouper weighing 8557 grams.

In the team standings, the first is Marlera from Liznjan, Sandi Perusko and Sandi Imbrisic, ahead of Volosko, Bruno Zic, Sasa Tomic, and Udica Mali Losinj, Marin Kraljic, Dino Busanic.

Zoran Kremenic

As Zic, Perusko, Imbrisic, Mickovic, Babic and Tomic have already secured their places for this year’s individual nationals because they were between the first 15 spearos last year and have the right to perform at the championship without these qualifications, Kremenic, Kraljic, Busanic, Margalic, Vidulic, Vujicic, Pintar, Herceg and Milenovic gained the right to perform at Murter.

Sandi Imbrisic

Results Teams North Adriatic 2021

Results athletes North Adriatic 2021

Winner on the south is Stjepko Kesic (Strozanac). He had four red scorpionfish, forkbeard, conger, red mullet and gilthead seabream.

Stjepko Kesic

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