On the 28th and 29th of January 2022 the XX° Semana Master Ciutat de Palma, organized by fbdas, FEDAS and CMAS, a more and more successful and international spearfishing competition year after year, will take place. In two days, 4 competitions will be held. The first, on the 28th, is the XX° Master Ciutat de Palma, which will involve incredible champions among the top 10 classified in the last World Championship in Arbatax, world champion athletes, and “Master’s winners”. On the 29th the III° CMAS Women’s Cup Ciutat de Palma will take place, with women more and more involved in spearfishing also thanks to pushing by CMAS since a few years to involve also girls in spearfishing competitions. The best spearfishing women around the World will be in this wonderful competition. The same day the “XXI° Open Internacional and X° Memorial Sebastián Carbonell” will be held, with the competition in the V° Brands Cup, teams of 3 members representing commercial brands, and VI° CMAS World Cup (3 athletes per team), with a selection of national teams.

In the 2020 Semana Master (2021 was stopped by Covid pandemic) Giacomo De Mola won the Master, Oscar Cervantes and Daniel Gospic, with the extraordinary support of Pedro Carbonell, the Brands Cup as Beuchat, France won the Cup of Nations with Eugene Guillaume, Aurelien Bouzon and Stephan Buisson, and Malen Sart Bonin the Women’s Cup.

All info at http://fbdas.com/archivos/6479.