Greece wins the nations, Spain the women and La Tixera the clubs

Held in a single day on Saturday 26 of November, the VIII Open Internacional isla de Tenerife de Pesca Submarina has seen more than 40 athletes compete for 6 hours. A great event, well organized, with strong athletes, fantastic location, friendly atmosphere and many friends have made this a very special competition. The high participation, with four nations, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain, including two women teams, have demonstrated the high attractiveness of this Open, that aims to grow more and more to an international level. All the elements are there to do so!

Weather and spot

Some difficulty during the preparation when the sea got quite rough with waves and current, but the day before and the day of the competition have been great. Still, some long oceanic waves made the action by the competitors pretty tough. The most common fish have been for sure the expected parrot fish, but also many big needlefish. Positioned mid water or at the surface, mostly close to the coast and the outcropping rocks, these extremely elongated profile where not easy to catch at all. “Going down and doing an aspetto the fish came from above and you had to go back up to shoot. The waves moved you, the fish and the spearguns…we shot multiple times but it was really hard to catch the needlefish”, commented the Italian Team. The water was finally really clear and the conditions requested a different strategy from the traditional Mediterranean ones. In fact, the aspetto technique was the main one used, instead of spearfishing in the dens. Long speaguns where so used, differently from other situations.

Spain wins the women

Great result by the Spanish women team, with Isabel Arroyo Crespo, Rocio Benitez Armas and Laura Gonzalez Blanco, winning the Open with 7698 points and 6 valid fish. They won against the Portuguese team, made of Margarita Ruao Machado, Catarina Almeida Santo and Rita Teixteira, not far behind with 6105 points (79.31%) and 3 valid fish. It was great, after a very difficult Euro-African in Bizerte, to see the women catch a good number of fish in the single day of competition. Also, they had the same minimum weight as men and competed in the same competition field so…well done to them all!!! We expect more teams next year for sure!

The nations’ title is conquered by Greece

Not really competing in their natural conditions, Greece has gained an amazing victory. With 14 valid fish, and 31.096 points, the team led by Nikos Kambanis, with Ioannis Sideris and Manolis Giankos (Meister Diving Team), two “gods” of Greece spearfishing, have won over Italy. The Italian team, has also done an amazing job in different conditions to the traditional Mediterranean ones, showing they can battle also in the ocean. Roberto Poggioli, Andrea Fazzolari and Alfonso Cubicciotto have scored an amazing 26103 points (83.94%) with 11 valid fish. Third on the podium the Spanish team, a little below expectations, as they are always point of reference in spearfishing competitions. They have conquered anyway a good result with 11 valid fish, 11049 points and 78.77%. Very tough luck by Team Seleccion Portuguesa masculina 1, having three parrot fish just below 500 grams, the minimum weight allowed. One was 493 grams and the other two 499 grams!!!

La Tixera wins the Clubs

But the greatest battle of all has been in the Clubs category. La Tixera conquers an amazing win with 18 valid fish, for more than 20 kilos and 38435 points. The team was made by the strong athletes of the Cressi Espana Team, David Fernandez Montero, Juan Ramon Perez Cabello and Walter Santos Rivero. Behind them the club Pescasub Lanzarote, Jaime Heras Lopez, David Hernandez Espinosa and David Asencio Tavio, with good 16 valid fish and 29785 points (77.49%). Third the Asociacion Caza Submarina of Tenerife 1, with 14 valid fish for total 24625 points and 64.07%.