At the Spearfishing World Champ in Greece, AP will be present with real time news, results, interviews, videos and photos.

The 2016 Spearfishing World Champ will be held in Greece, on the 17-18 of September, in the waters of Syros island. There will be up to 25 countries participating, with 75 official athletes, plus reserves, in very deep and difficult waters, in a competition where groupers will be allowed as preys, making for sure the difference. Controversies have been made on the choice of such extremely deep race fields, which are already creating problems (Taravana) to some athletes during the preparation days, already started. AP will be there from the 15th with articles, interviews, photos, videos and classifies, of course hoping all will go for the best, for the good of the athletes and the future of these kind of competitions.

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