Pathos once again organizes a great initiative, the 1° Pathos International Ambassador Meeting, putting together all its international team of 12 ambassador-athletes from Europe and Africa, in a day of passion, work and team building, with no competition, but great promotion of the amazing sport which is spearfishing.

Pathos Team spirit

Strongly wanted by Giacomo De Mola, Sales and Team Manager of Pathos Pro Spearfishing, and supported by Pathos company Owner and General Manager, Aggelos Michalopoulos, and coordinated by Dimitris Maratos, Pathos Marketing Manager, the 1° Pathos International Ambassador Meeting has been a success and has obtained all the goals wanted by the management: improve team spirit and knowledge of each other between the athletes, new products testing and opinion sharing, and video shooting material production for a future video on spearfishing and Pathos Team.

Location and paticipants

From the 16th to the 20th of October Pathos team has come together in the amazing area of Ithilo and Limeni, in the Peloponnese, Greece.

Present at the event the complete International Pathos Team:

Ale Talo, freediver, spearfisher, Video Maker, tester

Giacomo De Mola, freediver, and spearfisher of the Italian national team

Kim Jattinen, Finnish Spearfishing Champion, and member of Finland national team

Samir Tiblali, Algerian Champion and member of Algeria national team

Samuel Tomas, Spanish Champion and member of Spain National Team

Oscar Lopez, Pathos Spanish Distributor and winner of Master of Palma

Fred Gavini, France and Corsica Pathos Agent

Cyril Bollotte, France spearfishing champion

Andrè Domingues, Portuguese Champion and member of Portugal national team

Kostas Makris, member of Greek spearfishing national team

Vagelis Kostakis, member of Greek spearfishing national team

Aris Mukkas, Captain of Turkey spearfishing and freediving team

Of course with them Pathos Pro Spearfishing company owner and General Director Aggelos Michalopoulos and Dimitris Maratos, Marketing Manager.

Pathos Team, from left counterclockwise: Oscar Lopez (Spain), Ale Talo (Italy), Samuel Tomas (Spain), George Kellis (cine fotografer) Samir Tiblali (Algeria), Aris Mukas (Greece), Kostas Makris (Greece), Aggelos Michalopoulos (Owner and General DIrector), Clauss (cinematografer), Vagelis Kotsakis (Greece), Dimitris Maratos (Marketing Manager), Giacomo De Mola (Sales Manager, Pathos team manager and athlete), Andre Domingues (Portugal), Fred Gavini (France), Cirill Bollotte (France).

The program of the event

Athens had been the meeting point in Greece on the 16th of October, from where all Pathos Team has then moved to Ithilo in the Peloponnese with 5 cars and 4 trolleys. First day of spearfishing has so started in the amazing sea of Limeni, made of a rocky sea floor with steep descends in the deep.

Nice grouper

Warm water at 24°C and amazing 30 meters visibility and 2 days of great spearfishing and equipment testing for Pathos team.

Pathos athletes with Sniper-R speargun and “ultimate” fins

In particular the whole team has been able to deeply test the new “supreme”, “ultimate” and “maximum” carbon fin blades,

Pathos Supreme blades
Immersion with Pathos Supreme blades
Spearfishing descent with Pathos Supreme blades
Oscar Lopez checking Pathos Ultimate blades
New Pathos blades

exchange ideas on the Sniper and Sniper-R, and also shots with the New Zenith inverter speargun, now only a prototype and not yet ready for the market, where it will be launched only in some months time during 2019. Still, here we have one first World Preview underwater photo.

Zenith prototype first World Première underwater photo
Pathos Sniper-R

The great enthusiasm and so many athletes coming together from different countries have generated so many important feedbacks, with various evaluations depending on the different techniques to approach the fish. Each athlete with a different start of his “spearfishing life”, personal story and specific approach to spearfishing, but all united by an amazing passion, respect and love for this Sport and the Sea.

On the 19th last video shooting have been made, which have included spectacular shots with a drone, and back to Athens to go home on the 20th. In addition to this great event of sport, team spirit and friendship, with also unbeatable suggestions for present and coming new products from Pathos, all material shot will bring to a very special movie in the next months.