Napoli seduces and fascinates for the richness of its history and architecture, its coast, the food, and the amazing weather.

It is not the task of AP to write a guide on the beauties of Naples, too often on the media for its organizational problems and criminality, but these are really minor compared to the beauty and artistic richness of the city. Naples is fascinating, rich of places to visit, with an amazing weather, its coast, the tuff sea floor, also fishy, and exceptional food.

Turistic places are many, among which the Spaccanapoli street, which cuts across ancient buildings, churches, artists and artizans, the Church of San Severe, with the veiled Christ, the Aecheological Museum, Plebiscito square and Palazzo Reale, but also the subterranean Naples and the Galleria Borbonica, the Museum of Capodimonte and the Museum of Art at the Duomo and the treasure of San Gennaro. On top of this, of course the pleasure of the great food, in particular pizza, born in Naples, with its most famous solution, the Margherita, dedicated to the Queen Margherita, and with the colours of the Italian flag (green, basil, white, mozzarella and red, tomato). You will never find pizza as nice as in Naples, seem the water makes the difference, who knows…. All these historical, naturalistic and gastronomic excellences live together evidently under the eye of the superb mount Vesuvio.

And in the incounter with the fantastic Group “Pesca Apnea Napoli” (Spearfishing Naples), carefully and passionately administrated by a great spearo, Carmine D’Antonio, in addition to food, pizza of course, we have been able to admire from the dinghy the amazing coast of Naples, with historical villas, sun and, in general, a breathtaking view with, looking East, the profile of mount Vesuvio.

Calm sea, warm sun even in November, the water near the port of Mergellina is not particularly clean, still moving towards Posillipo the situation improves and si does transparency. In addition to this a great surprise, there is a good quantity of fish, like breams, groupers and octopuses, with nothing to envy to much more remote and less hunted areas.

The suggested spearfishing spots are indicated in the map below:

In all areas of the coast of Naples indicated in the map above the sea floor is mainly tuff, where the spearo can find it position and hiding place and fish with ambush (agguato) and waiting (aspetto) techniques. Let’s sea each area with some more detail.

  1. Santalucia: max depth 10 meters, with artificial reef, sand and tuff. Main preys are sea breams, sea basses, barracuda and gilthead sea breams.
  2. Castel dell’Ovo: max 12 meters, with tuff cliffs down to the sand. It is easy to encounter octopus and cuttlefish, great sea breams and nice croakers. Also sea basses are present with rough sea.
  3. Mergellina Colonna Spezzata: Max 4 meters, with rocks and sand. In the right days sea basses can be met.
  4. Circolo Posillipo e Palazzo Don Anna: max 5 meters, artificial reef and sand. Area with cuttlefish and sea basses with rough sea.
  5. Scogliere di Posillipo: max 5 meters, rocks with areas of tuff. Mainly sea basses.
  6. Pietra Salata: a well known area. Quotes go down to more than 20 meters and it is possible to find sea breams, blue fish, sea basses, barracuda and cuttlefish. Occasionally it is possible to meet some brown grouper.
  7. Badessa: max 8 meters with tuff and sand sea floor. Mainly populated by octopus and cuttlefish, also soles, blue fish, barracuda, mullets and striped seabreams.
  8. Lanternino di Nisida: from 16 meters down, the sea floor is mainly tuff, and it is often possible to find medium dimension snappers, croakers, gilthead seabreams and sea basses. The area is well populated with brown groupers.
  9. Dietro la montagna di Nisida: max 15 meters with tuff cliff, we find croakers, gilthead seabreams, octopus, morays and congers.
  10. Pontili di Bagnoli: max 12 meters with sea breams, sea basses and many pelagic.  
  11. La Pietra: max 10 meters, with tuff and sandy sea floor. The area is rich of octopus. Sometimes it is possible to meet permitted size brown groupers.
  12. Rione Terra: max 10 meters, with sand and tuff. It is possible to find blue fish, octopus and croakers. The area has good quantity of sea breams.

In areas 7, 9 e 11, with grecale wind, many octopus can be caught.

So, if you have programmed or want to plan a wonderful visit to Naples, do not forget the possibility of adding of good day of spearfishing, possibly renting a dinghy.