Seventh Dive In Cup, the international spearfishing competition organised by Dive In Wetsuits company and the Sports Fishing Association, Harpun from Zadar, will be heald on the 4th of May.


36 teams from nine countries as of today have registered to the Dive In Cup, but end of registration will be Friday 3rd evening at 20:00.

Competition starts Saturday at 8:00 and finishes at 14:00. Weighing starts at 16:00.

The n1 favourite of the competition is the five times winner of Dive In Cup, ex World and Euro-African Champion Daniel Gospic and his team-mate Djani Uhac.

Daniel Gospic and Djani Uhac winners 2018 – Team Skarpina Nerezine

Also the Croatian National Champion 2018, Mate Baresic and his teammate Luka Fatovic, will be present. Last year they finished second.

Marko Muslin, Mate Baresic and Luka Fatovic – team Dive in Croatia & Erk Periska

Giacomo De Mola will not compete this year, because of his bussiness trip to Miami, but his teammate Stefano Claut has already started preparations from last Saturday.

Giuseppe Gentilino Stefano Claut, Giacomo de Mola – Psicho Pirates

Fourth team from last year, the “Doctors”, with the former Croatian national team members, Boris Reinic and Antonio Buratovic, will also participate this year.

Among the others, Dive In Cup will see for the first time the participation of the Champion of Tunis, Khaled Ghomrassi, of one of the best spearos from Cyprus, who won World Cup for Clubs last year, Stelios Yiangou, and of spearos from Russia.

A lot of teams will come this year to the Dive In Cup, as a preparation for 2020, as in the same period and almost in the same zone next year in Zadar the World Cup for Clubs will be disputed.

Dive In Cup 2019 – Provisional registrations – page 1
Dive In Cup 2019 – Provisional registrations – page 2

Zones and particular rules

Competition spearfishing zone is the aquatorium of the islands Molat and Dugi Otok.

Click here for the link to the competition map.

An attractive fishing zone, with superb catches, a lot of strong spearos from all over the world and a relaxed atmosphere are the key points of the competition, of which the main aim is the promotion of spearfishing, of Croatia as a touristic destination and the city of Zadar as a strong diving and fishing area.

One team can consist of minimum two and maximum three participants and competition will run for six hours.

Minimum weight for a catch is 400 grams, while maximum weight for the final points is 12,500 grams. Minimum weight for the grouper is 3,000 grams. Each gram of weight of valid catch scores 1 point.

Bonus for each valid fish caught is 400 points. Every fish species counts for 1,000 points.

The allowed number of same fish species of category 1 is ten pieces per team. In the first category are: white sea bream, golden sea bream, mullets, salpa, red scorpionfish, black scorpionfish and brown meagre.

The allowed number of same fish species of category 2 is three pieces per team. In the second category are: dentex (and similar, such as pagrus), groupers, sharpsnout seabream, blacktail bream, forkbeard, brown wrasse, amberjack, mullus, cuckoo wrasse, leerfish, palamida, peacock wrasse, bluefish, John Dory, barracuda, common dolphinfish (Coryphaena hippurus), sea bass, black sea bream, toothed trevally (pseudocaranx dentex), turbot, barracuda, parrotfish and piper gurnard.

Upon reaching the allowed maximum number of fish of one species an additional bonus of 1,000 point will be awarded.

If a competitor presents more than ten pieces of fish, only 10 pieces shall be taken to weighing, starting from smallest in weight, while the remaining fish shall not be taken into account. Species not listed in these categories are not valid catches in this competition.

Game fish is awarded 1,500 points when weighing over 2,500 grams, without accounting weight points. Game fish species: conger, moray eel and anglerfish. Stingray, catshark, common eagle ray, sharks and sunfish are not scored. There is no bomnus for species of game fish. Allowed number of game fish is two pieces in total. There will be no additional bonus awarded upon presenting maximum allowed number of game fish.

If a competitor presents more than two pieces of game fish, only 2 pieces shall be taken into weighing, starting from smallest in weight, while other remaining game fish shall not be taken into consideration.

All details about the competition, registration, regulations and map of fishing zone can be found on the official competition website