And finally one of the Nordic countries that surely will find in Denmark a situation close to waters at home. We have interviwed Matti Pyykkö of team Finland to understand more about their participation to the Euro-African Spearfishing Championship in Denmark.

ApneaPassion: Euro-African 2019: special situation with non-traditional fishing compared to warmer waters and also fishing starting from the shore…how did you choose the team and please present briefly each athlete?

Matti Pyykkö: We select our national team always in the same way. We know the national team of Finland always one year before the Euro / World Championships. In this case we knew the team for Denmark already in October 2018. The logic is that the best 4 athletes from the 7 nationals plus the Nordic championships are selected.

The selection of the athletes in advance is very good strategy for us, as we are not professionals. It is important that we know the international team one year in advance. Then it is much easier to fix the holidays from work and look for sponsors. Also, you can focus on the Winter training for that next season. Last year we practiced a lot fin swimming. Winter before Syros & Croatia we of course focused on deep diving. The team si made by: Matti Pyykkö 45 years, Riku Leimola 30 years, Kim Jaatinen 36 years, Sami Mikkola 29 years (captain extra reserve) and Tuomas Huhtaniska 25 years (reserve)

All the best to ApneaPassion Matti and the rest of the BACCALOS!!!