For the first time in the history of spearfishing the ladies got a dedicated official CMAS Championship. This is an important step by CMAS which, in our opinion, should be continued and strengthened in the next years. Enthusiasm by the lady spearos in Sagres has been amazing, transmitting passion and, finally, giving a touch of femininity to the amazing world of spearfihing, fimininity which, we have seen, does not at all mean tenderness when it comes to finding and catching fish.

Ladies Cup


During day one on men’s WC in Sagres Portugal, 16 lady spearos from seven countries have competed in the first Woman CMAS Spearfishing World Cup. Countries with ladies teams were: Chile, Croatia, Ecuador, Greece, Portugal, Spain and USA.

Ladies had their own specific zone and after five hours of competition the winner was finally, as for men, a local spearo, the tender looking-effective speao Teresa Duarte, with 17 fishes and 32992 points, who also won the prize for the biggest fish.

Teresa Duarte Portugal

Second and third place were won by USA, with Rosibel Molina Perurena and Kelsey Albert.

Team USA

In teams classification gold medal was won by the USA team – Molina Perurena, Albert and Samantha Mase. Second was Portugal – Duarte and Catarina Santos and third was Spain with Rosa Anreus, Alexandra Prat and Silvia Vilaroig.

Ladies Cup Teams

All of the ladies came with valid fish that was weighed before men on day one. Mullets, white seabreams, trigger fish, wrasses, forkbeards, congers and goldlines were on weighing.

Team Spain

Key and extremely important is that the ladies finally get their own competition and we all hope that in the future they will have the same oportunity as men, meaning two days, five hours, one boat for each athlete, as in this occasion they got one boat per team.

Click here for women individual and team classification.