40 Greek manufacturers of spearfishing equipment at the Boat & Fishing Show 2023

More than 40 crafts companies are active in Greece in spearfishing and diving equipment with exports to Europe and all over the world, most of which will be at the Boat & Fishing Show 2023. Greek diving products are now highly regarded by sea sports enthusiasts, traveling the length and breadth of the earth, wherever there is sea, spearfishing or free diving.

In the last two decades, spearfishing and freediving have evolved enormously. Rightly so today, they are considered two of the most beautiful sports in the world, followed by millions of hobbyists all over the globe, enjoying them either separately or in combination.

The developments in the field of products that have supported amateurs and athletes at both amateur and competitive levels have played an important role in this process up to today.

In this journey, the Greek manufacturers of spearfishing and freediving equipment not only have followed or participated, but have managed to often create innovations capable of competing in the global market, and their products have reached most countries around the world.

It is no coincidence that in Greece today, more than 40 crafts companies manufacture:

Diving suits with excellent specifications and ideal combinations of neoprene materials.

Spearguns with the most modern materials such as carbon fiber and wood, and with an effective range capable of hitting the biggest and fastest predators of the seas.

Fin blades with an excellent quality/price/durability ratio, which can be adapted to each user, cope with the most difficult demands and contribute to improving their performance.

Rods, elastic weight belts and back belts accessories, innovative products and all of these are exported abroad with great commercial success, proving the very high level of the Greek industry.

Spearfishing competitions at a high level

Let’s not forget that Greek and foreign spearfishing and freediving athletes achieve significant victories and stand out worldwide by diving with Greek-made products, something that does not happen in any other industry in the country.

In this context, the Greek exhibition for spearfishing and freediving, the Spearfishing Expo, which takes place together with the Boat & Fishing Show, is now one of the most important European exhibitions in the sector, and foreign trade visitors will be able to come to contact with a unique exhibition space, that will include both the best Greek manufacturers and the largest manufacturing companies worldwide.

This year, to the commercial and amateur public, the spearfishing and freediving sector will be presented stronger than ever, with the participation of the most important companies in the field. At the same time, it is an integral part of a multi-level organization that covers all branches of maritime activity, for boating, fishing and marine tourism.

During the exhibition, seminars will be held on very important topics from the most distinguished speakers in the field, many of which will be heard for the first time!

Spearfishing Expo

The exhibition takes place at MEC Paanias, March 9-12, 2023, in an area of 12,500 sq.m. with a large parking lot of 35,000 sq.m., with easy access via Attica road and free transportation to and from Doukissis Plakentias metro station to facilitate the approach and the comfortable stay of the visitors.

Finally, to strengthen the extroversion of Greek companies, the international magazine Apnea Passion will follow the Boat & Fishing Show 2023. This will give the opportunity to make an international report on the event and a free presentation of the products of the Greek manufacturers of spearfishing and diving equipment. Some nice images are available. Here the 2019 edition.