The Apneapassion on Tour by Seac Apnea is the first edition of the trip by AP among the groups of the Gruppi Gemellati Network.

The first editoon of the Apneapassion on Tour by Seac Apnea sees AP traveling across the centre and South of Italy in a car, reaching Naples, Bari, Lecce, Brindisi, Vibo Valentia and Marsala, and then going back to Lazio, in Latina city, for the groups of Rome and Lazio. After that the stop in the amazing waters of Sardinia, in Castelsardo, and finally the stop in Abruzzo, on the coast South of Pescara.

Companion of our adventure the Seac equipment, with Seac Kama wetsuit, Guun Kama sling gun, Motus Kama fins, One Kama and L70 masks, and snorkels Jet Kama and Liquid.

Italy offers fantastic sea and spearfishing spots that are great, but of corse history, architecture, art, food and fantastic weather. With this Tour AP will briefly talk about the most beautiful cities and towns on the Italian coast, telling about the beauties of the country both on land and in the sea, giving the possibility to everyone to visit such astonishing beauties, with the possibility, why not, to add a spearfishing day to a cultural, naturalistic and gastronomic holiday.