The 2022 CMAS World Spearfishing Cup for Clubs will take place from the 28th of April to the 1° of May, in Croatia, in the town of Nin, based in the county of Zadar. This is the great news after the postponement by the Croatian Federation of Sports Fishing on the Sea and Club Harpun from Zadar of the 2020 Cup due to the Covid pandemy. The 1° CMAS World Spearfishing Cup for Clubs was held in 2018.

The World Spearfishing Cup for Clubs

The World Spearfishing Cup for Clubs will take place in two consecutive days of competition of five hours each one, in the Nin archipelago. This geographic area will be divided in three areas named “Competition areas”, two primary areas where competition will take place and one reserve area in case the weather conditions make it unsafe for people and boats to operate in the primary areas. These areas will be named Zone A -, Zone B – and Reserve zone.

Zona A
Zona A
Zona B
Zona B
Reserve Zone

The official visit period without fishing and taking guns in the water are two weeks = 14 days + the day before the World Cup starts = 15 days: since 12th to 27th April 2022. (both included).

Scoring and classification

Standard points

The amount of points obtained by the captures in groups are calculated as follows: one point per gram of each valid catch plus the established bonuses. The max valid weight for the scoring of the catches of any group will be 12500 g. Catches that weigh more than 12500 gr will score this maximum value plus the bonus, although total real weight will be considered in the event of the existence of an award for the Biggest Catch. Minimum weight depends on the group of the fish. For details of the 4 groups of fish indicated, read the Particular rules at the end of the article.


· Each valid catch will have a 500 points bonus.
· Each different species will have a 500 points bonus.
· Additional bonus of 1000 points when the full quote of catches of a certain species is completed.


“On a small island in the middle of a shallow lagoon the small town of Nin can be found with its old centre, connected to the mainland by two stone bridges. Nin has had an exciting past and today a lovely present. All its stories, all its beauty and natural wealth are here to be enjoyed and to find joy, health and spiritual satisfaction which are so much needed today.

Nature and Man have made this small town very pleasant for a holiday, interesting because of the rich historical field, as well as excellent for health. It is the oldest Croatian royal town, the cradle of the Croatian state. The smallest cathedral in the world and the coronation Church of St. Nicholas can be found here, as well as one of the word’s most beautiful beaches. Nin has a rich cultural treasure, unspoilt nature, as well as remarkably beautiful surroundings.

Nin is the European Destination of Excellence (EDEN). It is well known for its medicinal mud which reliably cures many illnesses. There is a saltworks producing salt before your very eyes and whose tradition is a thousand years old. Touching the big toe on the statue of Grgur Ninski – tradition has it-brings good luck. Indeed, one foreign portal has included it among the ten most attractive world symbols of luck. It is worth giving it a try!

Nin has a thousand stories. One such story is about one of the most well known camps in Croatia, located within a modern tourist settlement called Zaton Holiday Resort. It offers every modern facility and high standards, for which it has received both international and national acclaims and awards.

Nin and its surroundings offers the visitor a fantastic well of experience, an active holiday where the present is interwoven with history resulting in a rich and valuable treasure which is permanently open to the public. Every new day becomes more beautiful than the day before. In a word, Nin has all the visitor may want and need, but definitely it offers more than one would expect. It is a small town where the visitor might have come unexpectedly the first time, but with every new visit a friend can be met who shares the same values.

Nin is an exceptional place. It is an on-going story. Welcome!”


• Thursday 28th of April
08:00 AM / 10:00 h: Registration at Zaton Holiday Resort
10:00 AM / 12.00 h: Captains technical meeting, boats drawing and commissaries inscription at Zaton Holiday Resort
12:00 AM / 14.00 h: Commissars meeting at Zaton Holiday
18:00 PM / 18.00 h: Opening parade at Nin town
19:00 PM / 19.00 h: World Cup presentation ceremony Nin town

• FRIDAY 29th of April – First day of competition
06:00 AM / 06.00 h: Breakfast
07:00 AM / 07:00 h: Concentration at the peer
08:00 AM / 08:00 h: Leaving to zone A
08:30 AM / 08:30 h: Competition Start, First day of competition
14:30 PM / 14:30 h: End of the first day of competition
15:00 PM / 15:00 h: Arrival to the Zaton Holiday Resort, food and drinks
17:00 PM / 17:00 h: weighting process start at Zaton Holiday Resort
21:00 PM / 21:00 h: Dinner at the Zaton Holiday Resort

• SATURDAY 30th of April – Second day of competition
06:00 AM / 06.00 h: Breakfast
07:00 AM / 07.00 h: Concentration at the peer
08:00 AM / 08.00 h: Leaving to zone B
09:00 AM / 09.00 h: Competition start, Second day of competition. 15:00 PM / 15.00 h: End of the second day of competition
16:00 PM / 16.00 h: Arrival to the Zaton Holiday Resort, food and drinks
17:00 PM / 17.00 h: Weighting process start at Zaton Holiday Resort
21:00 PM / 21.00 h: Medals official Award
22:00 PM / 22:00 h: Closure dinner at Zaton Holiday Resort

• SUNDAY 1st of May
08:00 AM / 08.00 h: Breakfast
11:00 AM / 11.00 h: Leaving back home
NOTE- Timetables, competition and ceremonies can be modified due to necessities and the COVID-19 pandemic

Organization contacts

The Croatian Federation is honoured to clarify all your doubts.

Director of the Competition: Mr Ante Kolanović
Mobile : +385 0913334625
Email :

To read all detailes of the championship and the rules click the link: Prope_2022_fin + Entry Forms