2° Cup of Istria, international spearfishing competition, will take place on the 24th of November at Poreč, Croatia, part of the 12th international Fisheries and Fishery Equipment Fair, Aquaculture and Sport Fishing Crofish.

(Text & photos Valentina Prokic)

The organizers are David Pocekaj, from Grand Sub, and spearo Marino Reinic.

2° Cup of Isctria competition is for teams: maximum is three spearos plus boatman, and prizes for the winners will be extremely rich. Also, a lottery for all competitors will take place and will be even more attractive than last year for 1° Cup of Istria.

The competition will last six hours, from 8.00 to 14.00, time limit for delivery of catch.

Competition field 2° Cup of Istria

Weighing at sports hall Zatika in Porec will start at 15.30, and after the announcement of the winner will take place, followed by the lottery and the dinner for all competitiors.

Punteggi e pesi minimi

Minimum weight of fish is 400 grams and maximum is 12500 grams. Minimum for the grouper is 3000 grams. Bonus for each fish is 400 points. It is allowed to catch 10 pieces per species. Each species of fish is rewarded with 1000 points, which doesn’t apply to congers, monkfish, catshark and moray.

Conger, monkfish, catshark and moray need to be minimum 2500 grams and bonus is 1500 points. It is allowed to catch 5 pieces in total.

If the species quota is full, bonus is 1000 point, but that doesn’t apply to congers, monkfish, catshark and moray.

Some species have also minimum length: grouper 45 cm, red scorpionfish 30 cm, brown meagre 30 cm, dentex 30 cm, amberjack 45 cm and atlantic bonito 45 cm.

Athletes from six countries will participate to 2° Cup of Istria: Croatia, Italy, San Marino, Slovenia, Montenegro and Serbia.

Some of the well known names are Boris Reinic, Roberto Mastromauro, Stefano Claut, Davide Bruni, Paolo Cappuciatti, Roberto Cafolla, Branko Ikic, Domenico Macaluso, Tadej Speh and Robert Podgorsek.

Last year winners have been team Medulin with Branko Ikic, Dejan Mickovic and Zeljko Popovic.

Team Medulin
Luben Rijeka
Kpa Rovinj

On Friday 23rd November verification of teams starts at 17.00 at sports hall Zatika in Porec.

After verification Jure Daic, diver from Slovenia, will be lecturing his spearfishing and apnea experiences.

On Saturday after weighing, the boys from Italy will show a statistical comparison of last year’s and this year’s fish caught on competition and Branko Suljic and Valentina Prokic, authors of monography “History of spearfishing on the Adriatic – 60 years” will present the book that was released by Croatian Federation of Sports Fishing on the Sea.

For complete competition regulations click regulations.