(By Ryan Lategan)

The final day of competition has arrived. Three boats were sent out in search of cleanish water in order for the competition to be given the green light. The reports came back of 5-6m of visibility which was enough for the competition to be called on. With the top two competitors, Jaco Blignaut and Guy Le Meme, so close together at the front, it was anyone’s guess to as who would lift the trophy. Once again the top spearos of the country maintaining that consistency and a high level of diving to put their hands on the South African Spearfishing National Champion’s trophy. Guy Le Meme fighting and pushing Jaco Blignaut to the very end. Jaco doing enough on day 3, first as in day 1 and 2, to be able to add another trophy to his already prestigious cabinet. The top 3 are as follows: in first Jaco Blignaut, second Guy Le Meme and in third was Angelo Spada.Well done to these top spearos for their achievements in what seemed to be very tough conditions. Till the next Nationals, safe diving…

Jaco Blignaut 2019 South African Champion – Englishman, rubberlips, spotted grunter and rock salmon
Winning team Natal B
11 times champion Tommy Botha – pink bankie and catface rockod
Angelo Spada – black beauty and rock salmon
Final results